SEPTA Police Are Becoming Sauer

The SEPTA Transit Police are suing the Sig-Sauer firearms company after on of their officers accidentally discharged his firearm inside a subway station.

The Philadelphia Police Department officially exonerated the SEPTA police officer whose Sig Sauer P320 service weapon discharged unintentionally at a Center City train station.

“The investigation is complete, and has determined that there was no criminal culpability or wrongdoing on the part of the officer with regard to the discharge,” said Sekou Kinebrew, Philadelphia Police Department spokesperson, in an email.

Apparently, the SEPTA and Philly PD are blaming the gun; claiming it went off by itself.

The transit officer was on patrol during rush hour at Suburban Station when his holstered Sig service weapon discharged. There were no reported injuries and a preliminary inspection found no cause for the weapon to fire.

In the weeks that followed, SEPTA ordered 350 new Glock pistols to replace the Sigs. The unplanned switch cost the authority more than $175,000, not including “unanticipated processing and labor costs.”

The Suburban Station discharge was one of several unintentional firings involving U.S. law enforcement and the P320.

I don’t have much knowledge about Sig-Sauer pistols, especially the P320, but I have a hard time believing the model just goes off for like, no reason