Wham, Bam, Wank You, Ma’am!

Meet South Wales police officer Jemma Dicks (right). Jemma was boning up on police directives with a married sergeant, and was caught with the sergeant’s nightstick in her, um, cuffs.

A female police officer is potentially facing the sack after she was accused of carrying out sex acts on a married sergeant at the station during a 10-month fling.

So Officer Dicks really likes dicks?

PC Jemma Dicks, 28, allegedly carried out sex acts at “various locations and dates” with her sergeant Adam Reed, 40, while both worked at the busy Cardiff Central Police Station in South Wales.

Sergeant Reed is also accused of carrying out sex acts with PC Dicks at the station and – during the middle of their alleged affair in May 2018 – of having sex with another unnamed serving PCSO while on duty.

Look, if I’m going to be honest, most police departments are like any other business; in short, it’s Melrose Place. My department is chock full of young cops getting it on; although usually not on duty.

Personally I think this is inaprops, but it’s also a total Karen move. Unless she is derelict in her duty, or not responding to calls, who gives a shite? The tattletale was probably angry that he/she isn’t getting any.