Thank You, And Come Again?

Thousands of Indian men stormed New Delhi’s all-women’s Gargi College and decided the institution needed a little Gomorrah. I realize much of India is dirty and disgusting, but I never realized many of the man are trash.

Reports that large crowds of men sexually harassed and abused students at a women’s college in the Indian capital of New Delhi last week has sparked an outcry and protests there.

The men barged onto the Gargi College campus in South Delhi last Thursday, on the final day of a school festival, allegedly molesting and sexually assaulting the female students en masse, according to a statement issued by the General Body of Students.

Well, if nothing else, these animals will serve very long prison senten-

The student group said that “thousands” of men jumped the gates of the university, descended onto the campus and damaged property, while police and non-teaching staff stood by and did nothing.

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess the New Delhi police are armed with handguns – and possibly scimitars – and these pieces of filth just stood there and let the assaults occur? Cripes, my son singlehandedly stopped an assault with nothing more than his scrawny arms and his potty mouth!

James And The Giant Screech

Jimmy Kimmel, unfortunately, still has a late-night “variety show,” but that assignment is being put on the back burner thanks to Jimmy’s real job – social justice warmongering. The good news is no one cares about his insipid political posturing. The bad news is, like most of Hollywood, Jimmy is a hypocrite.

After he spoke out so forcefully on both health care and gun control over the past month, many late-night viewers might have expected Jimmy Kimmel do the same about the sexual harassment and assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein….

“First of all, the Harvey Weinstein thing, people like this false equivalence of that’s somehow equivalent to what happened in Las Vegas,” Kimmel added, arguing that the alleged assault of dozens of women does not deserve the same reaction as the killing of nearly 60 people. He said that Weinstein is “not a friend of mine,” adding, “I’m not in the movie business.” As a once and future Oscar host who is friends with many of the movie stars in Weinstein’s orbit, that claim is a hard one to buy.

“They’re saying that I’m calling myself the moral conscience of America, which I most certainly never did and most certainly never would.” (H/TAOSHQ)

No, the media and your leftist buddies called you that, and you reveled in the spotlight. Now one of your own is being investigated for sexual assault, and suddenly you have writer’s block? Interesting.

(Sorry about the sub-par posts lately, but the past few days have been riddled with exhaustion, work stress, and potential medical issues. I should be back to my former sarcastic self soon.)

Gotta Touch ‘Em All!

Pokebra Gotta Touch Em All

Pokémon Go is the hottest phone app on Earth. Millions of people are roaming the planet searching for Pokémon and meeting interesting people. What could possibly go wrong?

The suspect approached the victim and started asking about the popular gaming app that is sweeping the country since it was released July 6.

“He was approached by an unknown male. The male began asking if he was playing the game. The male reached out and touched the victim in the inner thigh and he started asking him sexual questions,” Sergeant Harrison Daniel said.

The victim said he did not call the police because the suspect had his hand in his pocket the entire time and the victim feared it was a gun.

The suspect had something in his pocket, all right. Don’t make any sudden movements, or else it may accidentally go off in your hair.


Swedish Bikini TeamAh Sweden, home of meatballs, an infamous bikini team, and the largest rapist-to-babe ratio on the planet Earth.

The Swedish police face over 40 reports of rape and sexual assault at two music festivals over the weekend in Karlstad and Norrköping. The police have identified seven suspects described as “foreign young men.”

The victims are mostly under 18-years-old with three under 15. The youngest victim is only 12-years-old.

In Karlstad, Inspector Leif Nyström confirmed they have 32 reports of assaults at the festival Putte i Parken.

Ironically, Sweden is suffering the same downfall as the United States; the willful blindness to truth due to a proliferation of political correctness.

Rapeland Uber Alles

Arab MobGermany’s embrace of the Arab “refugees” was bound to result in some hiccups. A housing shortage, mild financial distress, nearly one hundred sexual assaults in one evening.

Wait… what?

A group of up to 1,000 men of “Arab background” sexually assaulted dozens of women New Year’s Eve in Cologne, Germany. The assaults, however, were not confirmed for days, leading to public accusations of a cover-up.

Cologne Police Chief Wolfgang Albers confirmed Monday as many as 60 reports were filed by women sexually assaulted by a large mob of “Arab or North African men.” Albers stated the claims were in fact true.

As many as 80 women were assaulted and robbed by the mob, according to police reports. Some women reported being encircled by large groups of men who had “fingers on every orifice.” One report claimed a woman was raped.

Quick story: in the summer of 2009, I noticed what looked like loose skin near my left temple. Me being me, I immediately ignored it. A few months went by, and during my dermatologist appointment – in October – the doc took a gander. Well, he took more than a gander; he took a biopsy.

Me being me, the biopsy came back cancerous. A month or so later, the doc sliced me open and I was rewarded with twelve stitches in my forehead.

My point is you can ignore a problem all you like, but that problem rarely ignores you. Germany can sweep these assaults under the rug, and they can hide the identities of the attackers, but neither will address the problem.

Mere weeks after this Muslim invasion – my phrase – the European Union is seeing a skyrocketing number of sexual assaults. Their politically-correct method of handling the crimes will eventually cause more problems then it will solve.