Hot Under The Collar

This has been a busy week. I’m off night work for two weeks – after one night where I entered 37 jobs – so I can prepare for waking up at 5:40am for a while. On my last day I asked my lieutenant if I could change my group as well. I’ll still be in the same division, but I’ll be working with my squad all the time, instead of a two-day crossover. It’ll mean a little less work on my end, and I won’t be responsible for entering cases from my squad and the other squad.

On Tuesday I had to go food shopping, buy new work pants, and new work shirts. Apparently I am now a 34-inch waist, down from a 36, and my weight is stalling between 181 and 183 pounds. When I wear the 36 pants with my firearm, they sag like a rapper’s ensemble. Can’t have that…

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