Some Men Just Need A Hangin’

After my mother’s services were finished, I wanted to become a better person. More forgiving, more patient, etc. Then I read this story, and realized there are truly terrible people in this world.

Meet Jason Mesich of Minnesota. Jason claims he was not getting enough sex at home, and instead of calmly discussing the topic, he allegedly murdered his wife and shot his neighbors afterward.

Jason Mesich, 48, told deputies that he got in an argument Sunday night with his wife, Angela Lynn Mesich, over the amount of sex they were having, according to a criminal complaint from the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office. As the argument intensified, he said he “probably” went inside and got a gun, then pointed the gun in his wife’s face and “probably emptied” it shooting her, authorities allege.

The woman’s dead body was later recovered with “numerous” gunshot wounds in her neck and upper body.

Meanwhile, several of Mesich’s neighbors were outside helping move items into a U-Haul truck. Mildred Saulter and her 29-year-old daughter Canisha were carrying items, while the Saulter’s 12-year-old daughter Makayla was holding her infant niece, the Rev. Marcia Westbrook, the girls’ aunt, said.

When Mesich allegedly opened fire, Makayla immediately turned to shield the infant with her body, Westbrook said. She was shot in the head, while Canisha was shot multiple times in the legs.

Mesich was charged with three counts of second-degree murder, and hopefully he will receive the death penalty; instituted by the state or by his new friends in prison.

The Labor Day Massacre

Leftist Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot – wait, that’s a woman? – was on Twitter Monday blaming Republicans for all the gun violence in her shithole city. Wow, this dude’s got some balls on him.

Lightfoot blamed Republicans for gun violence in her city Monday night, telling Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz to “keep our name out of your mouth,” and posting a chart that claimed 60% of guns recovered in Chicago come from out of state.

Lightfoot’s tweets came after a West Texas shooting Saturday killed 7 people and wounded 22 others.

“60% of illegal firearms recovered in Chicago come from outside IL—mostly from states dominated by coward Republicans like you who refuse to enact commonsense gun legislation,” Lightfoot said. “Keep our name out of your mouth.”

Hey man, we’re trying, but it’s difficult to do so when your garbage town sees forty murders in a single f**king weekend.

I’ll try to explain this slowly, in case Mayor Gary Coleman is reading. The reason 60% of guns come from out of state is because the thugs cross the border and buy them on the street. There is an enormous black market for guns in our Democratic cities, and most of those weapons have been previously stolen or are the result of straw purchases.

Do you think your crackheads are headed to Iowa to buy a gun legally from the conservative Republican owner of “Bloodbath & Beyond?” The answer is no, bro.

Let’s play Devil’s Advocate for a second, okay guy? Assume 60% of the firearms are coming in from outside states. Show me the causality between the import of guns and Republicans? Put more simply, so your feeble mind can understand, how many conservative Republicans has your department arrested for shootings and/or homicides? I’m going to go out on a limb, and say zero, because if even one MAGA hat-wearing white guy killed a Chicago citizen, it would be the lead story on every news network for six months. (See also: Jussie Smollett.)

Yes, there is violence in Chicago, but not by conservatives and not by legal gun owners. Protecting onto Republicans may help you sleep better at night, Mr. Mayor, but it also makes you look like a small, petty man.

By the way Mister Mayor, I loved you in “Unbreakable.”


The city of Philadelphia made news this week, and as usual, it did for all the wrong reasons.

Dozens of people from Southwest Philadelphia gathered Sunday night at Finnegan Playground to dance, grill, and eat while celebrating recent graduates from area high schools. But by Monday morning, many of them were together again in a rowhouse near the playground — mourning Isiaka Meite, 24, who was killed during a mass shooting that erupted in the middle of the celebration.

Senseless. I remember growing up we would settle arguments with fistfights, then usually shake hands afterward. Now someone looks at you the wrong way and a gunfight erupts.

The mass shooting — which killed Meite and injured five others, including four teens — put a grim punctuation mark on a bloody Father’s Day weekend in Philadelphia. Police said that on Saturday and Sunday, 28 people were shot — five fatally — in 19 incidents across the city. It was the highest number of shooting victims recorded in a 48-hour stretch in the city since at least the beginning of 2015, police statistics show.

In total, more than 550 people have been shot in Philadelphia this year, according to police statistics — an average of more than three per day.

The truly sad part of all this is the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office is enabling these slaughters by giving gun criminals a slap on the wrist, and not vigorously prosecuting the most egregious offenders. The city has become the modern-day equivalent of the wild west, and the bodies will continue piling up.

True Detective Stories

Night work began Friday night, and as always, we were terribly shorthanded. The city hasn’t promoted detectives in nearly two years, and we’ve lost many to attrition.

Every group’s optimum manpower is five detectives, and the groups working Friday each had three. Add in the fact one detective from the other group is off long-term sick, and one from my group called out sick, it left us three detectives to handle jobs, and me on the front desk.

In the first ten minutes, we were hit with a narcotics arrest and (ironically) an overdose. So the two early detectives were immediately out of commission. One processing the arrest and one driving out to the corpse. The late end detective was not due in until four, so it was just me to handle the jobs, answer the phones, handle the front window, and lie to Congress.

About an hour or so later we received another call for an overdose – the heroin in this town is bangin’. The detective who handled the first OD was actually up for the second, and as she walked out she asked, “Who am I, the Grim Reaper?” Moments after she left, we got word of a shooting. One male victim shot in the face and shoulder.

A half hour later, we received two – yes, two – consecutive calls for gunshots where spent casings were found at the locations. I found myself alone on the floor again, while out shooting team hit the street and my fellow detectives responded to the shots fired calls.

With two hours left in the tour, we received a call for a missing tender age – a lost child with mental disabilities – a domestic assault arrest, and another call for gunshots. In short, I spent most of my tour in the building alone, answering phone calls from idiots, and typing until my fingers bled.

Ironically, a teletype message came down from HQ today, claiming detective promotions are set for next month. My platoon is currently five detectives short, and the entire division is short eleven detectives; manpower we’ve desperately needed since, well, 2016.

PPD, U. Of Penn Officers Shot

philadelphia-murderer-nicholas-glennMeet Nicholas Glenn. This filthy piece of garbage embarked on a murderous shooting rampage Friday night, shooting two police officers, and four bystanders. One civilian died from her injuries.

The shooting rampage started about 11:18 p.m. when Nicholas Glenn walked up to a marked police cruiser at 52nd and Sansom Streets and just began firing. Sgt. Sylvia Young, 46, who was sitting inside the car, was shot several times after Glenn fired off 18 shots, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross said.

She and another officer, who was later shot – University of Pennsylvania officer Eddie Miller, 56, a former Philadelphia police sergeant who joined Penn’s force two years ago – were both in stable condition.

Young’s gun was hit and disabled during the ambush, so the U. of Penn officer had to honor of putting this animal to sleep.

One of the four civilians who was shot, Sara Salih, 25, who was sitting in a car at 49th and Sansom Streets, near where she lived, died. She was shot seven times in her torso and was pronounced dead at Penn Presbyterian at 1:56 a.m. Saturday.

The three other civilians who were shot – a 36-year-old man shot twice in his left arm and once in his right arm; a 42-year-old man shot twice in his left leg; and a 41-year-old woman shot once in her right ankle – were all in stable condition.

Sara Salih was only 25-years old, and this waste of oxygen shot her seven times for what? She wasn’t a threat, and she was not a law enforcement officer. Senseless. I sincerely hope Glenn is rotting in Hell.

Glenn was carrying a white, sealed envelope that read “Doomed People” on it, Ross said. The commissioner said police found a “rambling” letter allegedly written by the gunman in which he expressed hatred toward police and probation officers.

So to recap, two Philadelphia police officers were shot Friday night, two other people were murdered, and the Philadelphia Eagles are planning a “protest” during the national anthem this evening. In my opinion, the NFL is almost as despicable as Nicholas Glenn.

You can hear the radio transmissions below the fold.

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Welcome To Killadelphia


Never one to back of a challenge, the thugs of Philadelphia have seen Chicago’s shooting numbers and raised them fifteen shootings and five homicides in fifteen hours. *drops mic*

A violent day on the streets of Philadelphia left five people dead, including rapper Meek Mill’s cousin, in numerous shootings and stabbings over the span of about 15 hours on Tuesday.

Philadelphia’s homicide rate, according to police statistics, is currently up 11 percent year over year compared with 2015. As of Tuesday, the city has recorded 203 homicides so far in 2016, compared with 181 as of the same date last year.

Those numbers are debatable, by the way. (If we get a lot of people, it can be mass debatable.) The city has been fudging homicide numbers since Ed Rendell was mayor. I can guarantee the homicide numbers are much higher than 203, but no one in the administration will admit it because it’s bad optics.