His Gunshots Were Fired In Fain

Philadelphia resident Claude Fain was wanted for weapons offenses in Rhode Island, and when state parole officers came to his residence, Fain opened fire.

Fain did this on National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. Tsk, tsk.

A standoff between law enforcement authorities and a gunman, who for nearly two hours Thursday opened fire on officers from a second-floor perch in a Frankford rowhouse, ended abruptly when the man was fatally shot.

Aww man, he was just turning his life around!

The firefight broke out just before 1 p.m. as state parole officers and U.S. Marshals arrived at the house in the 4600 block of Hawthorne Street, near Orthodox Street, to serve an arrest warrant, Deputy Commissioner Robin Wimberly said.

We were listening to the radio as it was happening, and while the transmissions from most active shooter incidents are a jumbled mess, the officers responding to this job were out of control. Screaming, talking over each other, panicking. Yes, it’s a stressful situation, but if you can’t control yourself over the radio, don’t clog the air.

The man they were there to arrest retreated inside and started shooting. SWAT trucks and dozens of Philadelphia police officers swarmed the block in response.

Unlike the last incident where a thug was shooting at police, this one ended quickly. It’s amazing what can happen when you let your SWAT team do their jobs.

DA Holds Presser On Philly Shooting

Larry Krasner, the Soros-appointed Philadelphia District attorney, held a press conference yesterday regarding the six police officers shot and the felonious thug who shot them. During the post, I’ll use my News Translator to sift through all the b.s. you’re about to read.

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner held a news conference Monday morning to discuss charges against the man accused of shooting six Philadelphia police officers as well as four additional people in relation to the incident.

Translation: Krasner is open about his disdain for police, but the mayor forced him into the press conference. The mayor despises the police as well, but Jim Kenney would like to be reelected.

Krasner began his address by saying he would be offering limited information, “much more limited than we had hoped to present today.”

Translation: Krasner would rather not let the police department enjoy some rare good press, so the defendant’s really dirty details will be omitted.

He said the investigation was so enormous and still ongoing, that he could not risk stepping on the activity of the Philadelphia Police Department in this case.

Translation: This is a lie, since Krasner and his assistant district attorneys step on our investigations on a daily basis. For example prosecution was declined on my supermarket robbery, which had an arrest and very clear video of the incident. Squashed.

“This will take time,” said Krasner. “It could take months to complete the investigation, but it will be done correctly.”

Translation: By the time the investigation is concluded, everyone would have forgotten about it, and we can pretend it never happened.

Maurice Hill, 36 faces the following charges:

Multiple counts of Murder-Attempt to Commit, multiple counts of Aggravated of Assault, multiple counts of Assault of Law Enforcement Officer, multiple counts of Simple Assault, multiple counts of Recklessly Endangering Another Person, multiple counts of Unlawful Restraint, Criminal Conspiracy, Possessing Instruments of Crime, Possession of Firearm with Altered Manufacture’s Number, Violation of Uniform Firearms Act-Former Convict, Causing-Risking a Catastrophe, Control Substance Act-Manufacture/Delivery/Possession with Intent to Deliver, and Control Substance Act- Knowingly/Intentionally Possession of Control Substance.

Translation: This looks good, but Krasner will have at least half these charges dropped before they get out of the preliminary court appearance.

Nothing will change in the District Attorney’s Office. Sadly, incidents like this one will become more frequent, because when the politicians tell people they don’t have to obey the law, people listen.

True Detective Stories

I think it’s safe to say this has been a rather terrible week, and I hate to keep bringing up Wednesday’s shooting, but if I didn’t rant about this, I’d go insane.

Well, more insane.

Yesterday I stopped at the local Wawa – it’s a convenience store – for some drinks for work. (Sadly, not of the alcoholic variety.) I’m dressed in a shirt and tie, khakis, my badge is on my belt and my service weapon is holstered on my left side. While walking from my car to the store, a man yells out, “I’m getting kinda concerned with that open carry.”

Now considering the events of Wednesday night, I was in no mood for a large-mouth ass. I kept walking and said over my shoulder, “Really? I’m kinda concerned six of my coworkers were shot last night.” The jackass was behind me and asked, “Oh, are you a cop?”

Me, sternly, “Yeah, the badge on my belt shoulda told ya.”

The bloated skin-sac then felt the need to follow me into the Wawa, and tell me how great police officers are, how hard my job is, and how it was a shame those officers were shot. I replied with little more than random “Uh huhs.” The sac stood behind me in line as I was checking out, still flapping his gums, when I finally had enough.

“Look sir, I’ve had a very bad couple of days. If you want to save yourself from future embarrassment, most armed criminals don’t wear badges, dress in shirts and ties, or keep their firearms in holsters.”

Seriously, why can’t people just leave me alone?

Shots Fired At Philadelphia Police

Because I need this on my first say back from vacation.

We’re hearing reports of multiple shots fired at Philadelphia police in North Philadelphia. We believe one officer was injured, but we don’t know the particulars yet. SWAT is enroute to the location.

A Philadelphia police officer is being rushed to the hospital after he or she was shot in Nicetown-Tioga, officials said.

The shooting occurred around 4:30 p.m. Wednesday on 15th and Butler streets. Officials said the unidentified officer was shot at least once.

The officer was taken to the hospital. Officials have not yet revealed his or her condition. They also have not released details on what led to the shooting.

Just heard another officer has been shot. I’ll keep you posted.

You can see the live feed here.

UPDATE: The shooter surrendered at midnight after SWAT fired tear gas into the residence.

What, Me Worry?

Meet Port Richey, Florida Mayor Dale Massad.

If Dale looks a little perplexed to you, it may have something to do with his arrest… for firing shots at police officers.

The mayor of Port Richey, Florida has been arrested after deputies say he fired shots at law enforcement officers who were trying to serve a search warrant at his home Thursday.

Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco compared the alleged crimes of the 68-year-old mayor, Dale Glen Massad, with those of shamed former D.C. mayor Marion Barry.

Now, county and state officials are investigating the shooting as well as a possible illegal medical practice Massad was allegedly running from his Port Richey home.

Apparently this jackass had been practicing medicine since his license was revoked in 1992, and that was enough for this moron to fire at police officers.