What A Maejor A-Hole

Meet “Sir Maejor Page,” an alleged Black Lives Matter terrorist activist.

Page was collating money on social media for the BLM terrorists, but incredibly, Page was “allegedly” laundering the money and dispensing it to his favorite charity… himself.

Wait, you mean to tell me Black Lives Matter activists aren’t on the up-and-up.

An Atlanta-based activist is facing federal charges of money laundering and wire fraud in Ohio after he allegedly used money through his Black Lives Matter nonprofit for personal purchases.

An investigation by the FBI concluded that Sir Maejor Page, also known as Tyree Conyers-Page, 32, had created a Facebook page called Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta and had been soliciting money through the page through a GoFundMe account.

GoFundMe has no problem denying conservatives the chance to raise money on their despicable site, but the company is totes okay with BLM representatives “allegedly” swiping money from rubes and placing it into their pockets.

“In June 2020, BLMGA social media page received approximately $36,493.80 in donations, in July 2020, it received approximately $370,933.69 in donations, and in August 2020, an additional $59,914.69 in donations, all of this money was transferred from the social media donations to the bank account titled and operated in the name of ‘Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta, Inc’, owned and operated by Page,” a news release from FBI said.

Nearly $500,000 in donations and they all “allegedly” went into this tool’s pocket. Hmm, I wonder what’s going to happen when the BLM terrorists and Antifa thugs find out?

The FBI later determined that Page had used more than $200,000 to make personal purchases. An federal complaint said some of those items include a security system, tailored suits and accessories, as well as purchases in the thousands from Walmart and Home Depot.

The latest purchase was a home in Toldeo, Ohio and an adjacent lot that totaled about $112,000.

Holy crap, you “allegedly” embezzle all that money to buy a home in Toledo, Ohio??? Dumbass.