Well, Something Needs To Be Smashed


A few despicable, single-digit IQ employees of a Colorado Smashburger franchise showed their appreciation for their local law enforcement officers this week.

An Aurora police officer ate dinner at Smashburger while an employee allegedly played N.W.A’s “Fuck Tha Police” over and over again.

Smashburger released a statement, saying the matter was being looked into.

“First and foremost, we respect, honor and appreciate every police department in the country. The regrettable events of Friday night in no way reflect the values or principles that are core to the Smashburger brand.”

The spokeswoman added that the manager and the employees involved had been placed on leave while an investigation is underway into the matter.

That last line is business school code for “We’re suspending those involved with pay until this all blows over, then will reinstate them immediately.”

My concern here, other than these a-holes playing that song, is if they were brazen enough to blast that song on a continuous loop, what did they do to that officer’s food before they served it to him?