True Detective Stories

You’re all likely bored with these True Detective Stories, but I thought this specific post was worth the trouble, since it sheds some light on the people who surround me every day.

It was late in the tour Wednesday morning when a police lieutenant called the division and stated one of his top-notch officers was assaulted. The offender was a junkie and a known 302 (aka a mental case) who was walking the streets naked and screaming at random bystanders.

Before you ask, no she was not remotely hittable.

The woman went postal when the officer approached her, and the officer claimed he was “scratched” on his neck and arms, despite the fact our supervisor saw no such marks. (Now, for the record, I would never write an assault on police report if I was scratched, especially if there were no visible marks. But hey, it’s the new police department.) Further, the woman was carrying a belt, and smashed the police cruiser’s windshield with the buckle, as the officer apparently sat there and did nothing…

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