A Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight

A Louisiana couple are being investigated after their get-rid-of-snakes scheme went up in smoke.

Quite literally.

A Louisiana woman accused of setting fires told investigators she and her boyfriend were trying to get rid of snakes, the state Department of Agriculture and Forestry says.

Robert Lee Ramirez, 34, of Leesville, faces two counts of arson and remained at large Tuesday. Laura Ashley Lee, 34, also of Leesville, was released on $3,500 bond after being arrested March 18 on one count of arson.

According to the statement, investigators say Ramirez set multiple fires along the road and in woods owned by others around their home.

Maybe it’s me, and I don’t even live in Louisiana, but I would assume there are plenty of snakes in bayou country. I would also assume the fires would only make the snakes angrier.

Kyle has a friend in Louisiana, and when he visited there, he said there are a few really nice places, but there are also a lot of communities which would sugest you always roll your windows up. I’m guessing these two live in one of those enclaves.