True Defective Stories

Yesterday was very busy at the Earp Ranch. I gave the missus a break and took Kevin and Princess P to FDR Skatepark from 10am-1pm. We got home just in time for me to take the missus to the orthopedic doctor. (She damaged her lateral knee ligament, and they are trying physical therapy first before discussing more serious measures.) After that, I took my walk and she made the kids dinner before taking Kevin to karate. After karate, we went out to a nice restaurant and gorged ourselves on steak, skrimps, and margaritas.

The day’s excitement, however, occurred on the ride home from FDR. We stopped for snacks – it was hot, and the kids were sweating through their clothes. The mini mart is located in the center or town near the river, so the clientele is always “interesting.” Kevin wanted a bottle of Sprite, so I walked him to the cooler. A woman was standing there, door flung open, staring inside, because soda freezer doors are not transparent or anything…

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