True Detective Stories

The Author, Staring At The Omnipresent Idiocy.
This week is the first time I’ve been on night work since I caught the Covid in March. While I love not waking up at 5:30am for the day shift, I am really starting to despise night work. Especially when it’s 85 degrees (inside the building).

The heat brings out the crazies – actually the cold does, too – and these past four days were no exception. On Sunday, Diego the Idiot Detective caught a shooting incident. Five rounds were fired at a residence, and he had to simply drive to the location, pick up the spent shell casings, grab the report and return. This simply job for a very simple man took four hours.


Our entire shift is only eight hours long, so everyone wanted to know what the f**k he was doing for four hours. Naturally, he had no excuse, and was highly displeased when there were new jobs on his desk. “You’re not immune to work when you’re on the street, Diego,” I told him. Especially when we’re busy. I hate this clown with the red hot intensity of a thousand suns…

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