Feel-Good Friday

Meet Hagen, a young boy from California who accidentally left his Buzz Lightyear on his plane. No onee noticed the superhero was missing, until a Southwest Airlines employee jumped into action.

When duty calls, Buzz Lightyear is honor-bound to answer. At least that’s what one mom told her distraught toddler when he accidentally left his Buzz action figure behind on an airplane in the flurry of an unexpected, last-minute trip.

While the senior members of the Davis family didn’t expect to see Buzz again, the plucky astronaut made the return trip home in style—thanks to outstanding efforts by the Southwest airlines ground crew at Clinton National Airport Little Rock, Arkansas.

Along with a brightly decorated box highlighted with a string of memorable Toy Story quotes, Hamm tucked a series of adventure photos he’d taken of Buzz at different airport locales inside, along with a handwritten note that read:

“To Commander Hagen. I am very excited to return to you upon completing my mission. I was able to explore the airport and spaceport in Little Rock, Arkansas while I was away, and I have included photos of my adventure. My journey has taught me a lot but I am so thankful to return to my buddy.”

None of these people had to do this, and it’s always amazing when people go the extra mile.

Place Your Stewardess In The Overhead

The reason I try to fly Southwest Airlines? You never know what’s gonna fall in your lap.

Maybe that’s why passengers have to gate check their bags – the overhead compartments are filled with flight attendants.

A recent Southwest Airlines flight from Nashville to Philadelphia began on an odd note when a passenger spotted a flight attendant inside the plane’s overhead compartment.

According to a short video taken by passenger Veronica Lloyd, who was heading back home to Pennsylvania, the attendant can be seen resting on her side and stomach, with her feet hanging out of the compartment. While passengers are boarding, the airline employee rolls over on her stomach and seems to start talking, though the video cuts off.

It’s an odd place to join the Mile High Club, but good for her!