Release The Karen

Meet the lovely and talented Getti Kehayova, a former circus performer and Guinness World Record holder for hula hooping. Getti was practicing hula hoop tricks at a park, when a Karen came along and claimed her clothing was “obscene.”

Getti Kehayova, 43, was practising hula hooping while hanging upside down from monkey bars, when a woman walked up to her and confronted her about her sliding top that showed her white sports bra underneath, according to a video that has since gone viral on TikTok.

Kehayova, who was wearing a white tank top and running shorts, asked the woman to step back, informing her that she was trying to film. But the woman interrupted her again as she resumed her practice.

Wow, a woman wearing a tank top… in Las Vegas… where it’s ridiculously hot during the day. Oh my god, what a f**king nightmare!

“This is the place where kids play. This place is for families… for families! You can’t just be half-naked up there,” the woman, who was with a toddler inside a pram, could be heard screaming in the video.

Look, I understand the country is on its last leg, but did I miss something? A tank top and running shorts is now obscene? Also, since when did the residents of Las Vegas decide a sports bra and shorts are “obscene,” but skimpy showgirl outfits are fine and dandy?

Also, click the link to see a photo of the Karen. She looks exactly like you’d expect.