Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Today is Saint Patrick’s Day; an opportunity for those of Irish descent – and those faking Irish descent – to attend parades, eat nasty meals, and drink until they literally urinate themselves.

In case you have not picked up on the hints, I am not very fond of my Irish roots.

However, I am fond of redheads, Irish accents, Guinness beer, and redheads. Did I mention redheads?

If today is your holiday of choice, have a terrific time. That said, remember this is St. Patrick’s Day… on a Friday. The drunkards will be out in droves, so if you’re drinking, pick a designated driver.

If you are the designated driver, watch out for other drunken idiots on the highways and byways.



Erin Go Braghless!

Redhead Irish GirlToday is Saint Patrick’s Day; the one day of the year where everyone is Irish, and everyone is a lousy stinkin’ drunk. It’s the day my liver used to dread, but now sadly sits around bored all evening looking for something to do.

While I have some Irish roots – I’m one of a very select few (billion) Irish-Americans – I do my best to ignore them. I don’t have anything against people with Irish roots, but I just choose to divorce myself from mine. I’d party down on Our Mother of Sorrows Day, but Slovaks don’t really have a feast day in America. We’re deprived, but at least we don’t have to chow down on ham and cabbage.

Any hoo, enjoy your day, cheer of Notre Dame, and sign Danny Boy to your heart’s content. If you’re out and about tonight, and you have a few – dozen – adult beverages, please make sure someone is the designated driver.

There are other important events and milestones today – at least for me. They’re below the fold.

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