Feed ‘Em To The Pigs, Errol

brick-top-snatch-feed-em-to-the-pigsA Scottish court is hearing testimony in a bizarre murder trial where a mother of three was killed and dismembered.

Steven Jackson told cops he “felt normal” after cutting up mum-of-three Kimberley MacKenzie’s body.

PC Michael Woodburn, 29, told the High Court in Glasgow how Jackson had confessed to dismembering Kimberley MacKenzie’s body. He said Jackson told him and his colleague he had cut her body at the wrist, knees, shoulder and sternum and “went into auto-mode”.

The officer told the court he noted Jackson saying he cut up Miss MacKenzie’s body and “took her to a silage pit and fed her to pigs”.

And that, my friends, is why you never buy bacon in England.

The obligatory film scene is below the fold…

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