The Best Governor In America

After weeks of stalled supply lines, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has decided to do something about it. The governor announced the Jacksonville Port Authority is open for business.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) sent a clear message to the Biden administration and the nation during a visit to Jacksonville Tuesday morning: “Florida ports are open for business.”

As ports in California, New York, and other areas of the nation continue to pile up with container ships, the Florida governor lent a helping hand to try to ease some of the bottleneck.

Start with the ships waiting off the California coast. Newsom put in these awful policies, so send them to a red state that will gladly take their business.

Jacksonville Port Authority or as it is commonly known in the Sunshine state, “Jaxport,” is joining DeSantis in the effort to bring crucial supplies to America. Both Gov. DeSantis and Jaxport CEO Eric Green say that Florida is not experiencing the back up of cargo ships that California is.

Both also say that Florida has the space to accommodate additional shipping, which will ease congestion that has lead to long delays in companies getting products and supplies.

If the offloading was left to California, most children would not be seeing gifts under the tree on Christmas morning. That still may happen, but it’s good to see some politicians are showing terrible governors what leadership means.