True Detective Stories

There is a theorem among certain circles which claims female police officers are somewhat less capable of doing the job than men. In nearly twenty-seven years in law enforcement, I can honestly say this is partially true. Yes, there plenty of useless sacks of protoplasm. The pretty girls who spend a week in patrol before being transferred to some captain’s staff, or the whiny bitches who refuse to handle a job without backup. Or the badge bunnies who sleep their way to a cushy daywork, weekends off spot.

There are also some smart, tough, hardcore female police officers in my department; people who I have called friends. They do the job and do it well, and have no compunction about getting their hands dirty.

The female officers in this story are nothing like the latter.

So Frick and Frack called the division around 5:30pm Tuesday. Unfortunately, I picked up the phone and had to suffer through the idiocy. Frick stated she and Frack stopped a vehicle and they recovered a firearm. The offender stated he applied for a Permit to Carry, so Frick wanted me of all people to run the permit through the system… because apparently I work for these two bints.

“You do know you can run it through your Mobile Data Terminal in your car, right? Of you could also call the Gun Permits Unit, and they would tell you right away.”

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