What’s Old Is New Again

While some people are going all in on antibiotics to keep them safe from the Chinese Wuhan Virus, another more severe problem has presented itself to the general public… or it is pubic?

Grasping at straws for COVID-19 treatments may be inadvertently fueling the rise of another hard to treat disease: super gonorrhea.

A World Health Organization (WHO) spokesperson told The Sun that the use of a common drug in misguided attempts to treat coronavirus may be encouraging the sexually transmitted infection (STI) to become resistant to the antibiotic.

Bill Clinton hardest hit.

‘Overuse of antibiotics in the community can fuel the emergence of antimicrobial resistance in gonorrhea,’ by killing off forms of the infection that are vulnerable to the drug, and creating a survival-of-the -fittest environment for variants of the bacterium that are immune to the drug’s effects to thrive in, explained the spokesperson.

‘Azithromycin – a common antibiotic for treating respiratory infections – was used for Covid-19 treatment earlier in the epidemic.

Seriously 2020, die in a fire. And hey, if you want to blame someone for this, blame MelP. She’s the one who gave it to me… um, the story, not the super gonorrhea.