True Detective Stories

Before we begin, I want you to know this is not a pity post. At all. I am posting this story because I wanted to give you a glimpse inside the minds of many – not all – of the people with whom I work.

We were moderately busy yesterday. Twenty jobs in all, including a carjacking and a few domestic assaults. We had three detectives in court – including Diego – and seven detectives on the floor. I was catching up on the previous day’s assignments and doling them out to the squad.

At one point an irate caller kept me on the phone for nearly half an hour claiming that his mother’s death – allegedly of Covid – was a homicide. When I told him that was more of “get a lawyer” than “Call Homicide” – since she died in August – he told me I’m a terrible detective and I hate black people.

It was my last day, so you can see what kind of tour it was from my perspective…

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