Reigning Supreme

Obama Laughing

The most lawless president in American history has five minutes to appoint one of his lackeys to the Supreme Court today, in a last-ditch “F**k you” to the American people.

President Obama will have one last chance to force Judge Merrick Garland onto the U.S. Supreme Court — but it’s a legal gamble and one that has so many pitfalls that even those who say he could get away with it believe it isn’t worth the fight.

Mr. Obama’s moment will come just before noon, in the five minutes that the Senate gavels the 114th Congress out and the 115th Congress begins.

In those few moments the Senate will go into what’s known as an “intersession recess,” creating one golden moment when the president could test his recess-appointment powers by sending Judge Garland to the high court.

Obviously, I wrote this before noon, so I have no idea if this assclown made the move, but I certainly would never put something like this past Barack Obama. The man is a snake, and he would like nothing more than to stick it to his enemies.