Walled In, And Loving It!

Texas Governor Gregg Abbott has secured surplus panels from President Trump’s border wall, and will use the panels to continue the Texas border wall at the southern border.

Yes, this is likely being done to help Abbott’s reelection, but I’m fine with it. Texas needs a border wall, and they needed it years ago.

Texas has obtained 1,700 panels originally designed for the Trump border wall to use in Republican Gov. Greg Abbott’s effort to “secure the border.”

“After Biden halted construction of Trump’s border wall hundreds of unused wall panels were left at construction sites,” Abbott tweeted.

“Texas has obtained 1,700 of those unused panels to help build the wall,” he added. “They had been declared surplus–now they secure the border.”

The Texas Tribune first reported the news of the state’s plans to use the border wall barriers for the state’s own barrier. The panels are expected to cover approximately 1.3 miles of the Lone Star State’s border barrier.

That’s 1.3 miles they didn’t have last week. I wish other southern states would implement this plan. You don’t need the government’s permission to do so, and I cannot understand why Arizona and New Mexico are not demanding their own wall.