Paging Snidely Whiplash

Every time I lament the death of America, I always remind myself, “Hey, at least I don’t live in England.” Two bints from Sussex decided to take photos of themselves on railroad tracks, because of course they did.

Shocking footage has captured two “unthinkably stupid” women lying on a railway track for photographs.

The video, taken at a level crossing in Tide Mills, Sussex, shows two women walking onto the tracks before stopping in the middle. They check up and down the line to see if any trains are approaching before one in a grey jacket takes the idiotic decision to lie right in the middle of them.

The other then takes photos before her friend jumps up and the pair scurry off the crossing.

Obviously relatives of our illegitimate president.

British Transport Police Inspector Jonathan Pine said: “This is unthinkably stupid behaviour by two women clearly oblivious to the dangers of level crossings.

“Trains pass through this line at speeds of up to 70mph, so they could quite easily have been moments away from a catastrophic incident.”

That said, the video at the link would have been much more exciting… and gory.