A Great F**king Study

scarface-jacuzziBritish eggheads conducted a research study on swearing, and they concluded those who swear are more honest than those who do not. Wow, that’s f**king amazing.

Temperate language has traditionally been considered a social virtue, but new research suggests that people who refrain from swearing are often the most devious and dishonest.

Those fond of effing and blinding, by contrast, are likely to be the most honest in any given group, according to academics at the University of Cambridge.

Yeah, no sh*t, Sherlock. I could have f**king told you that!

Dr David Stillwell, one of the study’s authors, said the correlation may stem from the constraints imposed by social convention.

“If you’re trying to follow the social norms rather than saying what you think, you are saying what people want to hear,” he said. “In that respect you are not being very honest.”

Dr. Stillwell makes a valid point. Now, while I rarely swear at home – the incident with Julia notwithstanding – I swear like a sailor in work. My supervisors and coworkers know I’m a potty mouth, but they also know I will tell them exactly what I think at any given time. I’d rather be straight with someone and risk triggering them, than blowing smoke up their a**.

You Can’t Spell Furious Without F.U.

jennifer-aniston-office-spaceA study focusing upon men’s and women’s language choices has revealed something rather interesting: British women are now using the F-word more often than men.

Of course, with our luck most women are probably using it to describe their partner than using it as a request.

An academic study has discovered that women now use the F-word more in their daily lives than men. And after amassing around 10 million words researchers concluded that women have become champs of the swearing stakes.

Data from the 1990s suggested men used the F-word 1,000 times per million words and their female counterparts just 167.

However over the past two decades women’s use of the F-word has increased by more than 500 per cent. As of 2014 women use the word 546 times per million words whereas men use it 540 times.

That’s pretty f**king amazing! I wonder how many women – and men – will be dropping F-bombs if a certain bloated, drunken, brain damaged Democratic candidate is elected president tonight.