True Detective Stories

In the last twenty-five-plus years, I have seen many changes to my police department. Sadly, most of said changes have been detrimental to the department and the profession at large. The decision which angers me the most is when police supervisors force brand new cops to work the operations room.

The operations room is the hub of any police district. It receives and codes all police reports, sends the pertinent teletype messages, and assigns officers to their vehicles and patrol sectors. The district downstairs is one of the busiest in the city, so you need “inside people” who know what they’re doing.

What you don’t do is assign a female to the operations room because she’s “cute.”

Thursday night, this girl – quite literally a little girl; she looked like she was twelve – dropped a report on my desk. It was coded a robbery, so I needed to go over it before it was assigned to a detective. Two sentences in, I assumed this chick never wrote a police report in her life…

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