Temple University Is A Garbage School

You may remember this post from last week, where the Soros-appointed district attorney dropped all charges on a full-time thug, who then went and murdered a Temple University student. In the aftermath of the homicide, the “elites” at Temple have decided maybe it wasn’t the best idea to push away the only people who can stop crime on their uber-violent campus.

In response to the murder of one of its students, Temple University President Dr. Jason Wingard said in an email it will “work with the Philadelphia Police Department to increase their presence off campus,” to boost student security.

The move comes after a year in which Temple administrators and students have debated and occasionally embraced facets of the “Defund the Police” movement, which sprang up in the wake of the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, an event so shocking it ignited a new, national reckoning on race.

Oh gee, that’s so magnanimous of you. These people couldn’t care less about the police; they’re only working with us because students do not want to attend college in a war zone.

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Patrick Buhler’s Day Off

Meet Patrick “Fatty McButterpants” Buhler of Morrisville, PA.

Patrick has a few anger issues, and he was trying to work through those issues by allegedly planning to shoot up Philadelphia’s Temple University.

Police say a potential mass shooting at Temple has been averted thanks to the folks at the Walmart in Tullytown, Bucks County.

Investigators say as 29-year-old Patrick Buhler bought five boxes of bullets commonly used in an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle Wednesday at the store, Buhler made concerning statements about Temple to two different customers.

“He was making threats that were not only concerning but ended up being criminal,” said [Bucks County D.A. Matthew] Weintraub.

Buhler said he knew who patrolled the campus, what their response time was and that he bought the ammo because he knew cops wear bullet proof vests. He even said you will see something on the news in the next couple of days and weeks. Weintraub says the comments did not sit well with Walmart’s staff.

Thee irony here is Temple University is located in one of the worst neighborhoods in the city. Everyone in the surrounding area has guns, and most of them would love to be the one to stop a pasty white boy who’s shooting up their ‘hood.

It may surprise you to know Patty has been charged with weapons offenses prior to this incident. So, you know, he’s a model citizen.

Flash Mob Attacks Temple U. Students

temple-university-mob-attacks-studentsLike most colleges in large cities, Temple University is located in one of the worst neighborhoods in Philadelphia. Bright young students stream in from the suburbs and surrounding states, ready to expand their minds.

Little do they know their new neighbors are only interested in expanding their street cred.

A slew of vicious, “flash mob” attacks at Temple University left at least six students beaten and bloodied over the weekend, along with a cop and a police horse.

More than 150 teens, spread out in groups of 20 or 30, descended upon the campus at around 8:30 p.m. Friday — wreaking havoc for nearly two hours. The horde seemed to be targeting people at random during the attacks — pummeling them, destroying their personal items and even robbing them in some instances.

During a separate incident, a 16-year-old male targeted a mounted Philadelphia police officer — punching his horse twice in the mouth as the cop tried to break up a crowd on a street corner.

Now I obviously do not condone this garbage and sincerely wish someone would have run these animals with their car. That said, I wonder if these victims supported Black Lives Matter, and if so, have they had a change of heart?

Oh, and the video of the horse assault can be found here.