Wuhan Virus Claims Another Victim

The USS New Jersey, the most decorated battleship in U.S. Navy, will be temporarily closed after Labor Day, because the Chinese Wuhan Virus is keeping tourists and history buffs away.

Smaller crowds due to the COVID-19 pandemic will force the Battleship New Jersey Museum and Memorial to temporarily close after Labor Day.

In a statement from CEO Phil Rowan, the museum announced “the volume of visitors has been much less than normal” due to the pandemic and that “With just a fraction of our normal revenue coming in daily, we can no longer continue to operate indefinitely at this level.”

For those people within driving distance of Philadelphia, the Battleship New Jersey/Museum I would highly recommend it. The site is across the river in Camden, NJ, but it’s well worth the trip.

Plus, the Camden Aquarium is right down the street, so you’d have a full day. The battleship tours are amazing, and the ship itself is awesome.

The Navy’s most decorated battleship has been operated as a museum on the Camden waterfront since 2001. It will still offer tours and events through September 7th; after that, it will close until “such time that the Board deems it viable to re-open.” Most of its planned events had to be scrubbed because of the emergency orders imposed by Governor Murphy because of the coronavirus, so just a skeleton crew of security and maintenance personnel will be retained after Labor Day; according to the board of trustees, “by taking proactive action, the Board believes this temporary decision will result in a long-term benefit to the ship.”

Therein lies the problem. The ship is shutting down because Phil Murphy is arguably the second-worst governor in America. He’s a tyrant and a liar, but it’s New Jersey, so he’ll be easily reelected.