Hillary Is No Longer Making History

Hillary Clinton, the smartest woman America has ever produced, is being removed from the history books in Texas. It seems the “most accomplished woman in world history” actually has little to no historical significance.

The Texas State Board of Education took a preliminary vote on Friday to remove former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton from social studies books in an effort to “streamline” the curriculum.

The Dallas Morning News reported that the decision, which will come to a final vote in November, comes as the result of a ranking exercise completed by 15 members of the State Board. A number of historical figures — including Clinton, Helen Keller, Sam Houston, Thurgood Marshall and Sandra Day O’Connor — were ranked on a scale of 1-20 on their historical importance.

Clinton was selected for removal after receiving just five points, and Helen Keller, who received a score of seven, was also marked for removal from the curriculum.

So Hillary received less historical points than a woman who was deaf and blind. I’m sure she took that news well.