Texas Is Rounding Up A Posse

This is a few days old now, but I wanted to post this unbelievable story. Apparently, the Texas state Democrats fled the state so they would not have to vote on a secure election bill. Governor Abbott stated he would have the lawmakers arrested, which most people thought was bluster. It was not.

Earlier this morning, I wrote on Gov. Greg Abbott’s threat to arrest the fleeing Texas Democrats who are refusing to show up for work. Those Democrats left the state in an ill-fated attempt to deny a quorum to Republicans, who make up a large majority of the state legislature, in order to stop a vote on an election integrity bill.

When I saw Abbott’s comments, I wasn’t sure Republicans would actually have the guts to vote to force the Democrats to return and do their jobs. Yet, that’s exactly what happened.

Dear Governor Abbott, my son was enrolled at the University of Dallas for a year, which should make him an honorary Texan. I hereby volunteer myself and my son to join the posse, as long as our stipend consists of Slim Chickens and Whataburger.

[T]he Texas constitution specifically denotes this as a remedy for members of the legislature who abdicate their duties. If this were attempted at the national level, it would be a different story and clearly illegal. But under Texas law, this is the way the system is set up to force a quorum that these Texas Democrats don’t have a right to deny.

Abbott ordered the rogue Democrats either be arrested or detained, and then brought back to the Texas State House to do their jobs. Now I know Abbott hasn’t been a great governor of late, but this move is fantastic, as well as being perfectly legal.

I wonder what Texas voters will think of their politicians running away from home?