Andrew Cuomo Is A Nazi

New York governor Andrew Cuomo – a man who should be prosecuted with hundreds of counts of manslaughter – attacked members of the NYPD for refusing to enforce Thanksgiving restrictions.

Imagine being such a giant, throbbing asshole?

Last week, Cuomo issued updated COVID-19-related restrictions — which included a 10-person limit on indoor gatherings — to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus.

His latest remarks come on the heels of New York City Police Commissioner Dermot Shea’s recent announcement that the NYPD has no plans to break up indoor gatherings despite the state limit being 10 people per home.

This is the same prick who told New Yorkers to stay home, while he was planning to have his mother and two daughters come to his residence for the holiday. So his family, his mother, daughters, and all his servants sure seems like it’s over the ten-person mark.

Of course, when Andrew doesn’t get his way, he lashes out…

According to a Wednesday New York Post report, Cuomo blasted police for turning a blind eye to such gatherings, and for allegations that many officers themselves refuse to wear masks.

“A lot of police officers don’t wear a mask,” he said. “[W]ell, how are you then supposed to enforce other people wearing a mask when they see you not wearing a mask? ‘I violate the law but you can’t.’ No! Nobody said you were above the law! I don’t believe that person is a law enforcement officer. I don’t want a law enforcement officer who says, ‘I’m only enforcing the law that I like or think should be enforced.'”

Hey nipple rings, you flout your own Chinese Wuhan Virus restrictions all the time! Cripes, you likely flouted the decree yesterday, so please spare us your sanctimony. You’re a tyrant. A Nazi who enjoys taking freedom away from the American people.

Choke on your unconstitutional edicts, and choke on a turkey leg.

Oh, I saw this at AOSHQ yesterday: Cuomo had checkpoints on bridges and throughout the state. But Cuomo is totes not a Nazi.