A Minor Programming Note

A very good friend of mine sent me an email the other day and said they may not be scanning the blog as often because between the Wuhan virus and other matters, life has become a little too hectic.

I told my friend to get bent.

No, I’m obviously kidding, but the email had a specific message that is worth addressing here. As you can see in the photo above, this blog is basically written by a monkey – and not the smart ones NASA sent into orbit. The Wuhan virus has affected everyone, whether physically, mentally, or economically. Most of us are stressed out, dealing with health issues, or worrying about family members.

Writing posts for the blog has been a chore lately, because it is difficult to find stories which are not Wuahn-related. No one wants to keep reading about the doom and gloom every day – certainly not me. The blog has been hemorrhaging readers for a while now – self-inflicted, after quitting blogs the past few years – and that’s okay. I’m nowhere near as obsessive about this place as I was in the late 2000s.

There are a good amount of core regulars who stop by and comment occasionally, but please do not feel like that is an obligation. Everyone has other serious obligations awaiting them, and this blog is not on that list. If you can use the blog as a momentary escape, terrific. If not, then attend to your family, friends, and most of all, yourself.

I’ll continue posting here, since I feel it helps me do my part to keep everyone somewhat sane. You don’t have to read the posts or comment. At all. When things get back to normal, the blog will still be here. Seriously, attend to your matters and keep yourself safe and healthy.