Biden: Let’s Ban Gun Sales

The illegitimate president was in Nantucket Thursday, and while he was trying to put two sentences together, he once again stated we should ban the sale of firearms, especially semi-automatic weapons.

One would think someone who swore an oath to uphold the Constitution, would know a little something about the Second Amendment.

After visiting with firefighters in Nantucket, Massachusetts on Thursday, President Biden took questions from reporters.

When the recent Walmart shooting was brought up, Biden called for stricter gun laws, and said the fact Americans are still able to buy and sell semi-automatic weapons is “sick.”

Biden, and the despicable left, wants Americans to be unarmed so their friends in the Democrat Party can continue murdering innocent people with impunity.

“Look, the idea that we’re not enforcing red-flag laws, period, just based on knowledge, not on parents saying or a loved one saying you should arrest this person now for his own sake, is ridiculous,” Biden said. “We got one of the first red-flag laws in the state of Delaware, and my son Beau was the one enforcing it, and it made a lot of difference. It saves lives.”

Wait a minute, Biden mentioned Beau again? Wow, I never saw that coming.

“Number two,” he continued, “the idea we still allow semi-automatic weapons to be purchased is sick. It’s just sick. It has no, no social redeeming value. Zero. None. Not a single, solitary rationale for it except profit for the gun manufacturers.”

I agree, and I think Biden should immediately disarm the Secret Service and every other government entity which protects this piece of garbage.

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Be Prepared To Embrace Biden’s Suck

You may have heard about the impending railroad strike here in the States. The situation was so dire that the our dementia-addled “president” decided to intervene.

A threatened railroad worker strike that appeared to have been derailed by the Biden administration is now back on track and chugging quickly toward the holiday season.

Four of the 12 unions representing workers on America’s freight rail lines have voted to reject a new contract proposed by a special presidential mediation board, once again raising the possibility of an economy-crippling strike next month. The unions that rejected the deal are now indicating that they want additional concessions from the railroads beyond what was negotiated by the Biden administration during the summer, The Wall Street Journal reports.

A railroad strike could cost $2 billion per day; as if the economy isn’t already in the dumpster. It would be wise to start Christmas shopping a.s.a.p., because there will be massive shortages.

Those last-second negotiations by the Presidential Emergency Board (PEB) seemed to have averted a threatened strike. Though the details of the proposed contract were not made public, the unions reportedly scored several of their top priorities, including graduated pay increases of 24 percent that will be doled out over several years and five annual payments of $1,000 to all union members (a major carrot to get workers to approve the new deal). However, the unions did not receive paid sick leave—which the Biden administration opposed for being “very costly.”

You know what else would be very costly, you jackass? A food shortage, a transportation shortage, and another negotiation you specifically destroyed. Forget the already crippling recession; if this happens, we’re looking at another Great Depression, because this “president” doesn’t know what he’s doing..

Worst President In American History

While there was not a red wave on Tuesday, there were plenty of Republicans who won some really important elections. You would think that the “president” would see that a majority of Americans rejected Democrat politicians, and maybe soften his policies which are destroying the United States.

Well, you would be dead wrong.

President Biden said during a press conference on Wednesday that he plans on doing “nothing” differently in the next two years of his presidency.

So, to recap, Biden will continue to refuse oil production, refuse to alleviate the skyrocketing inflation, and continue to call conservatives terrorists.

Biden was responding to a reporter’s question asking what he plans to do in order to change the opinion of voters on the direction of the country as he considers a re-election bid in 2024.

“Nothing, because they’re just finding out what we’re doing,” the president responded.

Obviously, I am not an economist, but anyone who can read the tea leaves knows this recession will turn into a depression before 2024. We’re in for some very bad times, because our “president” wants us unemployed, destitute, and under the leash of big government.

It would be a good idea to buy food and water, guns and ammo, and batteries.

Biden: Dems Have A Great Record On Crime

Mushmouth “President*” Joe Biden claimed Saturday that the Democrats have “a great record” on crime, despite the fact homicide rates are up 4.3 percent.

President Biden told Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy that he thinks crime is a “real issue” ahead of the midterms and that Democrats have “a great record on it” despite crime reaching record high levels during his presidency.

Someone needs more ice cream, because this moron doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

According to Time, “violence in major American cities still remains dramatically higher than it was before the pandemic. Homicide is down 2 percent so far in 2022 from 2021, but in 2021 it skyrocketed up 39 percent higher than 2019. Further, “Aggravated assaults and robberies both increased by 4 percent and 19 percent respectively. Property crimes also increased by 6 percent while larceny went up by 20 percent, residential burglaries rose by 6 percent and motor vehicle thefts jumped up by 15 percent.

Obviously these stats are doctored, because this is all Trump’s fault!

Studies by MoveBuddha and data released by the real estate firm Redfin showed homeowners want to flee Democrat-led cities and move to safer locations, most of which are in Republican-led cities and states, such as Florida.

That cannot be accurate, because everyone I know wants to move their family into a leftist, Democrat-run war zone like New York City, Philadelphia, or Baltimore, amirite?

This dolt is literally the worst president in American history.

The Biden Administration Is Trash

After constant requests to Washington, D.C., Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has decided to fortify their unfinished border wall with shipping containers. Guess how F**k Joe Biden responded?

Using shipping containers to plug gaps in the U.S.–Mexico border wall violates federal law, a Biden administration official told top Arizona officials in a recent letter.

“The unauthorized placement of those containers constitutes a violation of federal law and is a trespass against the United States,” Jacklynn Gould, a regional director for the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, told Arizona Homeland Security Director Tim Roemer and Arizona Division of Emergency Management Director Allen Clark in the missive. “That trespass is harming federal lands and resources and impeding Reclamation’s ability to perform its mission.”

You know what else is harming federal lands? All the illegals swarming into Arizona.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection awarded a contract to close two gaps in the border barrier. C.J. Karamargin, a spokesperson for Ducey, told the Arizona Republic that state officials aren’t acting until they see the contract.

Some 122 containers were placed along the border in Yuma County, including 80 on bureau lands and 42 on Cocopah Indian Tribe lands, according to federal authorities. Ducey, a Republican, ordered the containers to be placed in August.

“Arizona has had enough,” Ducey said at the time. “We can’t wait any longer. The Biden administration’s lack of urgency on border security is a dereliction of duty. For the last two years, Arizona has made every attempt to work with Washington to address the crisis on our border.”

We’ve had some rather terrible presidents in my lifetime, but I haven’t seen a “president” so hell bent on destroying America as much as Joe Biden. Obama hated this country, but he never went out of his way to turn it into a third-world country.

Biden Forces Taxpayers For Sex Changes

The Biden administration has decided taxpayers will be forced to pay for federal employees who want sex change surgeries. I mean, with the economy booming, this shouldn’t be a problem.

The Biden administration has announced the expansion of taxpayer-funded “gender-affirming” healthcare for transgender and “gender diverse” federal employees.

The updated healthcare package was rolled out in early October by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), an independent government agency that acts as the chief of human resources and personnel policy manager for the federal government. The OPM’s “Federal Benefits Open Season” fact sheet for people covered under the Federal Employee Health Benefits (FEHB) program states that the agency is “pleased to deliver enhanced health benefit offerings” in the form of “gender affirming care and services.”

Since the economy, according to Biden, is “strong as hell” you folks should have no trouble turning over your hard-earned money to federal employees who hate your guts.

This new move to finance so-called “gender affirming care” can be traced back to President Joe Biden’s June 2021 executive order: “Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility in the Federal Workforce.” The order directs the OPM to “promote equitable healthcare coverage and services for enrolled LGBTQ+ employees,” as well as eligible family members through the FEHB.

The best part? The mandate also includes eunuchs, who were willfully castrated. I sincerely hope to live long enough to read the books about the collapse of the United States of America.

F. Joe Biden: Hero Of The Military

The “president*” took some time out from his busy day of eating ice cream and sniffing little girls’ hair to thank a Coast Guardsman for rescuing an elderly woman during Hurricane Ian.

Unfortunately, the hero rescuer is expecting to be terminated by week’s end.

Biden personally thanked a Coast Guardsman for saving a 94-year-old woman in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, but the hero expects to be fired within days for rejecting the COVID vaccine, The Daily Wire reported. Aviation Survival Technician Second Class Zach Loesch earned praise in a Friday phone call from the commander in chief for kicking in a wall to save a trapped, wheelchair-bound woman and her husband.

Biden’s incompetent press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, dodged questions about Loesch, and told reporters to contact the Coast Guard. It’s amazing how much damage Biden has done to the military, all because they wouldn’t take an experimental “vaccine” where the side effects are unknown.

“I told him how proud of him I was and thanked him for all the work he and his Coasties are doing to save lives,” Biden said in a press release that thanked Loesch and Lieutenant Commander Christopher Hooper “for the heroic work that they and their Coast Guard colleagues have performed during search and rescue operations in response to Hurricane Ian.”

But the next time Loesch hears from a federal official, it could be to learn his career is over. Loesch said in an interview that he had applied for a religious exemption to avoid taking the COVID vaccine but does not expect it to be honored.

The Biden administration has infamously denied most religious exemptions for taking the Covid shot, causing an unknown amount of military personnel to either resign or be terminated.

China Seeking Naval Base In Nicaragua

According to the Taiwanese Vice Foreign Minister, China is seeking to create a naval outpost in Nicaragua in order to dominate the Pacific Ocean.

“The Chinese are talking with them about also potentially setting up a naval outpost,” Taiwanese Vice Foreign Minister Alexander Yui told reporters this week. “So they have a very large plan.”

This is what happens when a country elects a mentally-disabled politician. F. Joe Biden is a feckless, corrupt clown who doesn’t even have the respect of his fellow Democrats.

Nicaragua severed diplomatic relations with Taiwan last year in favor of new ties with Chinese General Secretary Xi Jinping’s regime, which claims sovereignty over the island democracy despite never having ruled in Taipei. Xi has deployed a mix of pressure and inducements to convince Taiwan’s dwindling number of allies to establish a connection with Beijing, an initiative that China has used both to isolate Taipei and gain advantages in relation to the United States.

There’s no doubt Biden is under China’s thumb, and I can guarantee he will not even blink when China moves to build this naval base. The administration will simply let China take over the seas, and they won’t care.

“It’s part of their expansionist agenda — take over Taiwan, and break from the first island chain into the rest of the Pacific, take over the Pacific,” Yui said. “They are expanding. They want to become the predominant power in the world and also export their way of thought, their way of living, to the rest of the world.”

The minister is correct. China wants to rule the Pacific, and getting closer to America would be a windfall for them. Nicaragua is only 1,300 miles from California, and it would be easy to fire missiles into America at any moment.

All this misery is occurring because many Americans thought Trump’s tweets were mean. The mean tweets are gone, and soon America will be gone as well.

Biden Blocking Cheaper Medications

Remember yesterday’s F. Joe Biden post when I wrote, “Prepare yourselves for more of this, because it’s coming.” Wow, was that prescient.

Governor Ron DeSantis, the greatest governor in American history, has planned to import medications from Canada, which are cheaper there than in America. It’s a great idea which could help millions of Floridians, but F. Joe Biden is blocking the plan out of spite.

The governor’s office said it has been waiting 630 days for approval from the Food and Drug Administration for its proposal to import cheap, safe medications from Canada.

You do realize this is being held back because DeSantis is a conservative, right?

“Florida has been ready to deliver cheaper prescription drugs to those that need them for nearly two years,” the Republican said. “The lack of transparency by the Biden administration during the approval process, and failure to provide records on the importation proposal, is costing Floridians who are facing rising prices across the board due to inflation.”

Florida is now suing the Biden administration over its delays and failure to respond to information requests about the status of the program. I’ll leave it to the lawyers to hash out the merits of the lawsuit, but on its face, this situation reveals either incompetence or cynical partisanship from the Biden administration.

It’s likely incompetence and partisanship. From his first day in office, F. Joe Biden has done all he can to hinder conservatives, especially Governor DeSantis.

Importing prescription drugs from Canada, where they are generally cheaper, is a great, pro-market way to make healthcare more affordable. Only Big Pharma and its lackeys really oppose this because it undercuts their bottom line by increasing competition. They say it’s “unsafe,” but come on — we’re talking about Canada, not Somalia. Aside from those with crony interests at play, most can see why this is a commonsense move.

Even Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), of all people, has praised DeSantis’s effort, calling it “great.”

Bernie Freakin’ Sanders said this was a great idea, and yet, it will go nowhere because this piece of garbage will not allow Americans to get cheaper medications.

Thanks to The Pirate’s Cove for the generous link.

F. Joe Biden Is A Brilliant Economist

The illegitimate president will announce today he will cancel $10,000 of student loan debt for anyone making less than $125,000 a year. This brilliant move will add to the country’s skyrocketing debt, rising inflation, and the bill will be sent to America’s taxpayers.

President Biden announced Wednesday that he will cancel $10,000 of federal student loan debt for certain borrowers making less than $125,000 per year, and up to $20,000 for Pell Grant recipients, while extending the pause on federal student loan payments through the end of the year.

Again, the debt is not canceled. The universities have to recoup the losses, and we will be the ones paying for it. Worse still, this ensures college tuition will rise. They’ve already said as much.

“In keeping with my campaign promise, my Administration is announcing a plan to give working and middle class families breathing room as they prepare to resume federal student loan payments in January 2023,” Biden tweeted.

Except middle class families aren’t given “breathing room,” because they will still have to pay for some of the canceled debt through rising taxes. This entire idea is a scam.

The national debt, according to the Treasury Department, currently sits at $30.7 trillion.

F. Joe Biden is a… brilliant man with lots of well thought-out, practical, ideas. He is insuring the financial security of this country for years to come. Oh yes, and his personal hygiene is above reproach.