Worst. Day. Ever.

So yesterday I was ordered to finish my MPO (Municipal Police Officer Training). The last class was Use of Force, and Tactical Use Of Force.

Since the pandemic, the department made sure classes were smaller and quicker, so no one dies from the Chinese Wuhan Virus. Apparently that didn’t apply to my last classes. Use of Force was boring as hell, and afterward we had to do four simulations for street situations. Since we had forty – FORTY – people in the class, the instruction lasted nearly four hours.

People were grumbling, because there was no reason to keep this training so long. Worse still, the instructors said the second class was going to be two hours late, because they wanted to go to lunch. Two classes which should have ended by noon actually ended at 2:45pm. I had told Kevin I would pick him up at school – he’s a high schooler now – and as I was driving to the school, something broke on the Jeep.

Something bad…

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