Slow Joe Is Deteriorating Rapidly

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden was speaking with reporters yesterday and during the conversation, Biden forgot the name of Utah Senator Mitt Romney.

Presidential hopeful Joe Biden has provided those questioning the former vice president’s cognitive ability more ammunition, as Biden apparently forgot the name of Utah governor Mitt Romney.

“I got in trouble when we were running against the senator who was a Mormon—the governor” said Biden in reference to Romney.

I’m surprised he didn’t follow up with, “You know the thing!”

Recently, Biden appeared to have forgotten the name of the great recession, as well as the details of a stimulus package he oversaw while service as Vice-President to Barack Obama.

Despite what the media may believe, this is a cut-and-dry election. You could either vote to reelect President Trump (who will continue to build a strong economy, lower unemployment, and bring back law and order) or you could vote for Joe Biden (whose cognitive skills are crumbling, swore to eliminate the Trump tax cuts, and will allow the BLM and Antifa terrorists to continue rioting).

My mother and grandmother battled dementia. I’ve seen it in action, and honestly, I doubt Biden gets past his first year before Kamala Harris officially takes over.