Basketball Players: Nature’s D Students

As the NFL crawls its way to yet another weekend of “We hate America” protests, other athletes have stepped up to support their heroes in helmets. The most prominent being Lebron James off the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers.

James felt it appropriate to lecture us on our voting mistakes, and take heart in the knowledge he forgives us for our idiocy.

Showing solidarity with the social justice cause celebre of athletes kneeling during the national anthem, James hit President Trump on Twitter over the weekend for lambasting the protests and calling for boycotts against the NFL. However, his rhetoric against the President went a particularly ill-advised direction when he trashed his supporters during a press conference on Monday.

“No matter whether you voted for him or not, you may have made a mistake and that’s OK, if you voted for him. It’s OK. I’ve done things for my daughter and realized I shouldn’t have gave my daughter that many damn Skittles. Maybe I shouldn’t have done that,” he said.

“At the end of the day, I don’t think a lot of people was educated,” he said. “And I think that’s one of the biggest problems that we have. When it becomes vote time, people are just not educated on either the individual or what’s going on in the state of the world right now. … I don’t think a lot of people are educated and they make choices and say things that are uneducated.”

You could probably tell by his remarks, but Lebron James did not go to college – not that college is the be and all of intelligence. Unfortunately, James also never learned to tie his shoes, feed himself, or disregard his own feces. One would think a professional sports league would send out an ambassador who could speak in complete, coherent sentences. I guess that was too much to ask from the NBA.

Below the fold is a brilliant analysis of James’ comments, found by RedneckGeezer…

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Boycott The NFL

Far be it for me to suggest how someone lives their life – because really, I’m a nobody (less than a nobody) – but after this week’s National Anthem protests, I cannot in good conscience watch, listen to, or otherwise support the National Football League.

The Pittsburgh Steelers will remain in their locker room during the National Anthem ahead of their game Sunday against the Chicago Bears.

To be clear, I have not watched the NFL since 2015, but I’m at a point now where I am tossing anything NFL in the dumpster. The quote The Dark Knight Rises, the league has my permission to die.

The Steelers players made the decision following a meeting with head coach Mike Tomlin. The team will hold a “ceremonial unification” in the locker room during the Anthem. Numerous players for the Jacksonville Jaguars and Baltimore Ravens kneeled during the Anthem prior to their came at Wembley Stadium in London.

The Jaguars and Ravens took a knee during the National Anthem, then stood for God Save the Queen. Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy – the same clown who “allegedly” assaulted Philadelphia police officers in 2016 – sat down and stretched during the Anthem. Many players, including some from the Eagles, raised their fists in a Black Power salute. F**k them all.

My great uncle survived Pearl Harbor. My father was a Philadelphia firefighter. I was raised, correctly, to believe America was the greatest country in the world. I was raised to respect this country and its traditions. As a college graduate, I had many career choices, but I decided to become a police officer to serve my city and its citizens. I swore an oath to the Constitution to uphold the law. I love this country, and the stars and stripes flies on our flagpole daily.

What these billionaires are doing wounds me to the core, and I will do everything in my power to ensure the NFL will not see another dime. It is my sincere hope the NFL suffers mightily for this, and the fans abandon them in droves. /rant.

UPDATE: Disregard my comment below about the Cowboys. Jerry Jones and the team took a knee tonight. F them all. Oh, and the lone Steeler who stood for the Anthem apologized for doing so today, claiming he felt “embarrassed” to be standing… for the National Anthem!

The real solution to this problem can be found below the fold…

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A Browns Stain On Humanity

Following in the footsteps of previous NFL players – including their equally untalented hero Colin Kaepernick – many Cleveland Browns players kneeled during the National Anthem last week. The players did so during a nationally-televised game.

Now, a VFW post in Strongsville, Ohio, has responded to the team’s despicable display.

A VFW Post 3345 in Strongsville posted a sign that says it will no longer televise Cleveland Browns games.

“We like our Browns – we love our flag more. Your games will no longer be shown here. God Bless America!”

The decision by a dozen Browns players to kneel during the National Anthem before Monday’s football game has caused a lot of controversy. The protest was the largest in a social-consciousness movement started last season by San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, currently a free agent.

If I am ever passing by VFW Post 3345, drinks are on me.

John McCain-esque “conservative” Hugh Hewitt is a Browns shill, and to date he has not mentioned the protest on his Twitter feed. It’s yet another reason why I despise him and his pollution of my radio airwaves. Actual conservatives believe kneeling during the anthem is disrespectful, but apparently MSNBC “conservatives” feel otherwise.

For my part, I do not regret my boycott of the NFL – which began last year – nor do I miss it. Personally, I hope the Browns never win another game.

Fail To The Victors

michigan-wolverines-protest-national-anthemRegular readers probably know I am a huge Michigan Wolverines fan. I started following them when I was ten years old, and supported them through thick and thin.

Now, after 37 years, a ridiculous national anthem protest has thrown the Michigan football program into Philadelphia Eagles territory. The Wolverines are officially dead to me.

Players for the Michigan and Michigan State football teams were seen protesting the national anthem in their respective games Saturday.

The Wolverines and Spartans were the latest athletes to follow the example set by San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who sparked national discussion by first sitting — then kneeling — for the national anthem as a form of protest.

Several Michigan players were also seen raising gloved right hands prior to Michigan’s home game against Penn State.

My argument is this: if you are going to perform a black power salute, go all the way. Tell white America – especially white police officers – you do not need or want their support. Be open about it, and believe me, your white fans (and financial base) will go away quietly.

I will never watch another Michigan game again, and my Michigan apparel is going to Goodwill.

Megan An Ass Out Of Herself

Megan Rapinoe Is An Idiot

U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team member Megan Rapinoe, a woman with a net worth of $2 million who has access to private helicopters, knelt down during the national anthem last night to prove she “is down for the struggle.”

Rapinoe then took the opportunity to remind us all how racist we are.

On Sunday night, women’s soccer player Megan Rapinoe followed the example of San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick by taking a knee during the playing of “The Star-Spangled Banner” before her Seattle Reign played the Chicago Red Stars in an NWSL game.

“I am disgusted with way he has been treated and the fans and hatred he has received in all of this,” Rapione told ESPN’s Julie Foudy. “It is overtly racist. ‘Stay in your place black man.’ Just didn’t feel right to me. Need a more substantive conversation around race relations, & the way people of color treated.”

Hear that, everyone? A pasty white woman has determined any criticism of a black man – including, I guess, Jerry Rice’s well-publicized dissent – is racist. Ironically, that attitude assures there will never be a more substantive conversation around race relations. Well played, Meggy; I’ll bet you’re the smartest player on that team no one cares about.

The San Francisco Forty-Whiners

Colin Kaepernick Sacked

Overrated NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick is refusing to stand for the national anthem before football games. Kaepernick claims he is disrespecting the anthem, and by proxy, America, because he feels African Americans are being “oppressed.”

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has willingly immersed himself into controversy by refusing to stand for the playing of the national anthem in protest of what he deems are wrongdoings against African Americans and minorities in the United States.

Oh, do go on! While you’re at it, don’t forget to regale us about the white couple who adopted you after you were abandoned by your African-American father.

“I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color,” Kaepernick told NFL Media in an exclusive interview after the game. “To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.”

You see, to someone like Kaepernick, America is a terrible, racist country created simply to keep black people down. It is an interesting theory for someone who has a net worth of $16 million, awarded to him by terrible, racist Americans.

To Colin Kaepernick, waiting in line at a Starbucks is oppression; for people in Darfur, oppression is the continuing genocide of men, women, and children.

America is arguably the least racist nation on the face of the Earth, and yet someone like this douche canoe will still bash the country which gave him so much, and asked for so little.