Droppin’ Rhymes, And Three Dimes

On New Year’s Day, my fat, disgusting body tipped the scale at 212 pounds. At 5’9″, I looked like a slightly slimmer Michael Moore. So I decided to make a change. cut my carbs, jog a lot, and join Planet Fitness.

Nine months and thirty pounds later, I am sitting at a less-fat 182.

I almost look like the scrawny kid in the photo above. Okay, not really, because when that photo was taken in 1987, I was about this height and I weighed 130 pounds. In short, I looked like Kyle.

I know this is boring to most of you, but I’m actually proud of myself. My willpower has always been lacking, but after the prostate cancer scares, I figured I needed to get in shape. I wasted half my life eating what I wanted, sitting around the house watching television, and being embarrassed – rightly so – by my appearance.

I still don’t like the way my stomach looks, but the twelve staple scars from my intestinal surgery gave it a misshapen form. That said, our Pretty Asian female mail carrier stopped me last week to tell me how great I looked. That was nice.

My plan is to continue avoiding the carbs, hitting the gym – I go every other day – and jogging on off days. Some of my fat clothes are being jettisoned, ans as of right now I am about a quarter inch from fitting into pants with a 34 waist!