New York Is A Garbage City

During the 2020 riots, Antifa and BLM started defacing, destroying, and toppling statues of Confederate heroes. At the time, many of us said they would come for the Founders next. The left vehemently denied this at the time, and look where we are.

New York City’s Public Design Commission voted unanimously Monday to remove a statue of Thomas Jefferson from the legislative chamber at City Hall by the end of the year, after four lawmakers testified that his status as a slaveholder was offensive to the council’s African American members. The nine-member commission are all mayoral appointees.

I’m not a fan of Jefferson – he attacked and slandered George Washington during the general’s second term – but he helped craft the Declaration of Independence, arguably the world’s greatest document of freedom. These African-American council members should be kissing the feet of that statue, because without Jefferson, America would be a much worse place.

For over 100 years, the 7-foot-tall statue of the third US President and author of the Declaration of Independence, has stood in the chamber. According to The New York Post, the statue, which is also an historical monument, “…was gifted to the city in 1834 by Uriah Phillips Levy, the nation’s first Jewish Naval commodore and an admirer of Jefferson’s belief in religious freedom.”

I’m sure this has nothing to do with the Jewish Naval commodore, because everyone loves the Jews in New York City, amirite? This country is so racist that people are literally risking their lives to get here, but please, go on about your feelings.

You a-holes live in the greatest country in the world – for now – and you’re crapping all over it.

Long Island, Short Bus

As you can imagine, Kyle has been inundated with mailers and brochures from many colleges this past year. One college which always sends him information if Hofstra University in Long Island, New York.

I am SO glad my son decided to ignore those mailers.

Students at Hofstra University in Long Island, New York, demanded on Friday that the school remove a statue of Thomas Jefferson, arguing that it is not possible for the university to have the statue on campus while also being an institution that “prides itself on diversity and inclusion.” Students also called on the university to train its faculty and professors to behave in a more politically correct manner.

Hofstra University students held their second annual “Jefferson Has Gotta Go!” protest of a Thomas Jefferson statue on campus on Friday, demanding that the university move the structure into a museum along with the “appropriate context.”

Thomas Jefferson is one of the greatest Americans who ever lived, and while he was a despicable piece of garbage toward President Washington – Jefferson attacked Washington’s actions and character, calling the president “senile” – it does not negate all the good he did for this fledgling country.

“So we just felt like, in addition to just, Thomas Jefferson being a slave owner and a um, sexual predator, and just, you know, awful, [the statue] is now an unavoidable thing,” said one student at an event on Friday, “it just doesn’t have a place, I think, on any college campus, like, there’s just no reason to, like, immortalize people who brutalize so many of the population.”

Ironically, most students at Hofstra probably revere Bill Clinton and Joe Biden, but they’re “acceptable” sexual predators.

Millennials are arguably the most ridiculed generation in American history, and rightly so. Smug attitudes and know-it-all personalities are rarely welcomed traits. That said, the onus here is on the parents. These people would rather be their children’s’ friends than parents, so they keep their offspring clear of “icky topics,” like the country’s rich history and the concept of American exceptionalism.

Of course, for that to happen both parent and child would have to put down their iPhones.