The Hatchiest Place On Earth

Walt Disney World’s Tom Sawyer’s Island was evacuated after a man wearing camouflage was seen carrying a hatchet at the attraction. Apparently Disney is slashing prices!

Tom Sawyer Island at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World has been reportedly evacuated as a huge security presence was seen and the Orange County Sheriff’s Office logged a suspicious person in the Magic Kingdom area.

Some reports claim that a man was allegedly “dressed in camouflage” and holding a “hatchet,” and this led to the evacuation of Tom Sawyer Island. One Guest alleges that the person was a teenage male who had removed a hatchet prop from the island and was later arrested. However, at this time, there has not been official confirmation or further details regarding this incident. At this time, there are no reports of anyone being harmed.

That’s a shame, because I was really hoping someone there would murder all upcoming Marvel films. That franchise needs to be euthanized.