Unbelievably, Biden Praises Andrew Cuomo

The illegitimate, paste-eating “president” praised New York Governor, alleged sexual deviant, and alleged murderer of nursing home patients Andrew Cuomo yesterday, after Cuomo decided to resign.

President Biden on Tuesday backed embattled Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s decision to resign amid a scathing investigation into sexual harassment allegations,,,

“I respect the governor’s decision and I respect the decision he made,” Biden said at the White House shortly after Cuomo announced he would step down from the job in two weeks.

Yeah, it only took a few years for Bidden to realize Cuomo was an “alleged” murderer and an “alleged” sexual predator. Well done, Joe!

When asked how Cuomo’s actions would affect the Democratic Party, Biden signaled he thought the fallout would be limited.

“I think the impact is all on Andrew Cuomo and his decision to make that judgment,” Biden said. “And I respect his decision.”

Despite the grifters at Conservative, Inc., I don’t believe the Democrats are in trouble in 2022. They’ll cheat again, and get away with it again, and the feckless GOP will allow it to happen. Again.

Biden lamented the loss of the governor’s leadership and touted Cuomo’s record on policies, outside of his personal conduct.

He’s done a hell of a job,” Biden said. “… That’s why it’s so sad.”

Yes, Andrew Cuomo did a hell of a job murdering innocent nursing home patients, and ruining the lives of female staffers he routinely harassed. The illegitimate president is destroying this country every day.