The Photo Received A Bunch Of Likes

Utah police were alerted to a corpse after a local man decided to post a photo of the body on Facebook, instead of, you know, calling 911.

A now-deleted social media post on an Ogden community page prompted a slew of calls from concerned residents asking officers to investigate what turned out to be a man’s body in the city’s 21st Street Pond.

Officers pulled 51-year-old Tracy Rex Kunzler’s body from the pond, near 500 West and 17th Street, on Wednesday, though they were dispatched to the pond to investigate shortly after the person posted a photo to Facebook on Tuesday night, said Ogden Lt. Danielle Croyle.

The person apparently posted the photo to the group because he or she didn’t know whether the body was a mannequin, Croyle said.

As a law enforcement professional drone, I would like to say something which should already be common knowledge. If you believe there is even a miniscule chance that thing you see is a body, please call the police. We won’t be offended if the guess is wrong. In fact, we’ll be relieved.