Your Feel Good Story Of The Day

A pistol range held a free “Train A Teacher Day” yesterday in San Diego. Yes, I said San Diego.

Teachers, administrators and school board members across the county were invited to attend a free gun training event Sunday in Bay Park.

The Second Amendment political action committee San Diego County Gun Owners and retailer Discount Gun Mart co-hosted the complimentary training sessions, which covered gun “safety, proficiency and familiarity.” Course topics included the legal requirements for purchasing a firearm, differences between assault rifles and sporting rifles, “gun-free zones,” and weapon-specific courses on small handguns and defensive shotguns.

Ron Marcus, with San Diegans for Gun Violence Prevention, said that the group does not oppose the training event itself, because teachers have a right to go if they choose. However, the organization does not believe teachers or staff should be armed on campus.

In other words, the ironically-named San Diegans for Gun Violence Prevention believes in dead children, teachers, and administrators.