Biden To Sign Executive Orders Wednesday

The Paste-Eater-in-Chief will have a busy Wednesday, implementing a dozen of executive orders shortly after he is sworn in. Most will be rejuvenated Obama-era policies, including the Iran Nuclear Deal.

(The story is from Fox News, so they get no link here.)

President-elect Biden is planning to sign several executive orders on day one of his presidency, his incoming chief of staff announced in a statement.

The president-elect will sign roughly a dozen executive orders that day, including reversing President Trump’s travel ban on 13 majority-Muslim countries, rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement and extending the pause on student loan payments, according to Ron Klain.

You do realize Wednesday starts the beginning of the end of America, right? Biden will reverse all Trump’s policies – specifically economics – and free and fair elections are a thing of the past…

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Supremes Deliver Yuge Win For Trump

The Supreme Court upheld President Trump’s travel ban Monday, in a close decision which was divided along party lines.

A sharply divided Supreme Court upheld President Donald Trump’s ban on travel from several mostly Muslim countries Tuesday, the conservative majority taking his side in a major ruling supporting his presidential power.

The 5-4 decision was a big victory for Trump in the court’s first substantive ruling on one of his administration’s policies. It also was the latest demonstration of a newly invigorated conservative majority and a bitter defeat for the court’s liberals.

Dear Never Trumpers, while I doubt any of you will admit you were wrong about this president, his actions show he is more conservative than any of you in the alleged #TruCon media.

[Chief Justice John] Roberts wrote that the travel ban was well within U.S. presidents’ considerable authority over immigration and responsibility for keeping the nation safe. He rejected the challengers’ claim of anti-Muslim bias that rested in large part on Trump’s own tweets and statements over the past three years.

Roberts is absolutely correct here. The president has always enjoyed sweeping authority over the border and immigration issues. Moreover, the first and most important job of the president is to keep the citizens safe. We cannot do that with porous borders.

Now sing it with me…

“Trumpety Trump Trump, Trumpety, Trump, Trump,
Watch illegals go,
Trumpety Trump Trump, Trumpety, Trump, Trump,
Back to Mexico!”

Federal Judge Upholds Trump’s Travel Ban

Believe it or not, there are still plenty of jurists who rule on the facts and not by their emotions. One such judge in the Eastern District of Virginia believes the former is more important than the latter.

Judge Anthony Trenga of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia found that Trump was within his legal rights to impose the travel ban and that it was not discriminatory toward Muslims. The injunction had been brought forward by Palestinian activist Linda Sarsour, who was represented by an attorney from the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Trenga, a George W. Bush appointee, wrote in his opinion that “the President has unqualified authority to bar physical entry to the United States at the border.” He said that the executive order makes no mention of religion and has a “state secular purpose” of protecting U.S. citizens from terrorist attacks.

The primary duty of an American president is to protect the citizens. This travel ban goes a long way toward doing that, and is another protection against European/Britain-style terror attacks.

ABW: Always. Be. Winning.

president-elect-trump-laughingThe Trump administration is reportedly rewriting the president’s executive order which bans refugees from seven Middle Eastern countries. The rewrite is being crafted to pass through the liberal courts.

Still regrouping from a federal appeals court’s refusal to reinstate President Trump’s controversial ban of nationals from seven predominantly Muslim countries, White House lawyers are working on a rewrite of his executive order that could pass legal muster.

The work began several days before the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals shot down the White House’s bid to lift a temporary restraining order on Trump’s plan to bar nationals from Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Iraq and Yemen from entering the country for 90 days, a senior administration official told NBC.

Several sources close to President Trump told MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough that White House lawyers and working on language for the executive order that would be able to find favor with the federal courts.

The sad truth is while Trump’s executive order is perfectly constitutional – visa holders have no constitutional rights – activist judges are doing their level best to block Trump at every turn, because politics.

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