The Tortoise And The Hair

Just when you thought it was safe to approach the TSA… While people of all colors think the TSA’s new full-body scanners are annoying, black women are apparently the most offended. For good reason..

Black women have been raising alarms for years about being forced to undergo intrusive, degrading searches of their hair at airport security checkpoints. After a complaint five years ago, the TSA pledged to improve oversight and training for its workers on hair pat-downs.

But it turns out there’s an issue beyond the screeners: the machines themselves.

The full-body scanners that have become standard at airports across the United States are prone to false alarms for hairstyles popular among women of color.

Well, to be fair, if they all shaved their heads they wouldn’t have this problem. What? I’m just sayin’. By the way, if Tyra Banks or Vivica Fox set off an alarm, I will be more than happy to pat them down.

A Different Kind Of Finger Salute

Meet Diana Durkin.

Diana was returning to Texas Tech University after a break when she saw a fellow Tech fan. Her reaction got her stopped by the Nazis at the TSA.

Taking a semester off from Texas Tech University to help her family recover from Hurricane Harvey, Diana Durkin was thrilled to return to campus for her sophomore year. But ironically, it was her enthusiasm that nearly halted her plans when she was stopped by the TSA before a Jan. 6 flight out of William P. Hobby Airport in Houston.

In a nod to TTU’s mascot, Durkin said Texas Tech fans often salute each other with a finger gun and a “Wreck ‘em” slogan when they see each other.

Waiting on line for security, Durkin spotted a man in a Texas Tech hoodie, and reflexively threw up a finger gun, to which he gave an odd look. Moments after, a TSA agent led her out of line to question the gesture

“‘What are you doing? You can’t do that in an airport,’” Durkin remembered the agent telling her. She added that the agent followed up by giving her a full screening and pat down.

Yeah, well you can’t say a lot of things at an airport, but that doesn’t give these jackbooted thugs the right to give a full pat-down for a finger gun. Imagine how safe our skies would be if the TSA screened Islamists as well as they do teenage coeds?