This Business Will Get Out Of Control

Smoke rises in the distance, amid reports of two explosions, seen from Nowosiolki, Poland, near the border with Ukraine November 15, 2022 in this image obtained from social media. Stowarzyszenie Moje Nowosiolki via REUTERS THIS IMAGE HAS BEEN SUPPLIED BY A THIRD PARTY. MANDATORY CREDIT: TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY

Two Polish residents were killed yesterday after either a missile strike, or a shot down rocket struck a small village just outside the border of Ukraine.

Speaking to the Associated Press, one U.S. intelligence official claimed two people were killed after a Russian missile landed in a Polish village Tuesday. The incident technically means that Russia just committed an act of aggression on NATO territory, though whether or not the strike was intentional remains to be seen.

The missile landed in Przewodów, an eastern Polish village close to the Ukrainian border, suggesting that the strike was not intentional.

Okay, let’s assume it landed in Poland unintentionally. How many chances does Russia get before things get really dicey? Poland has been overrun far too many times to see this happen again.

The strike – should it turn out to be a missile strike – could have potentially very serious consequences given that Poland is a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). A strike on NATO territory is considered an attack against all members of the alliance under Article 5 of the treaty.

Article 5 is a cornerstone of the alliance between NATO’s 30 member states. The article states that if any NATO Ally is targeted by an outside nation, all other members of the alliance consider it an act of violence against themselves and will take all necessary action to assist the Ally that was attacked.

I don’t believe this will prompt a NATO retaliation, and to their credit, Poland is pissed and they elevated their military readiness, but they have not retaliated against Russia.

I absolutely believe F. Joe Biden would have no problem jumping into a war with Russia, because he is mentally compromised. The rest of NATO will – hopefully – realize this incident, while awful, is not enough to start World War III.

I do, however, worry about Slovakia, which shares a border with Ukraine.

Murder In Vegas

A man has been arrested after he stabbed eight people, including Las Vegas Showgirls. At the moment, two are confirmed dead. The animal was arrested and the knife was recovered.

A violent stabbing attack left two people dead and at least eight others injured in Las Vegas Thursday. Some of the victims were showgirls taking pictures with tourists.

Sheriff Joseph Lombardo told reporters on the scene there had been eight victims; two had died and three were in critical condition in a hospital. He added a suspect was in custody and a kitchen knife had been recovered from the scene.

This country is going to hell. There are so many angry people doing their level best to kill as many people as they can. It’s been like this for a while, but instigators like F. Joe Biden aren’t helping the situation.

Reporter Joe Moeller at local station KTNV Tweeted: “I’m speaking with a woman who says 4 injured showgirls work for her. She says the suspect had a knife & claimed he was a chef & wanted to take a picture with the showgirls, when they said no that is when the stabbings started.”

I would suggest the same penalty as the animal who stabbed her sister in the heart. Death penalty.

Two Dead In Fiery Philly Crash

Two people were burned to death after an alleged drunk driver struck their vehicle at an astronomical speed, igniting the gas tank and causing an explosion.

This, of course, occurred in my division.

Two people died trapped in a burning sedan following a two-car crash in Philadelphia Saturday night.

The vehicles collided around 11 p.m. near the intersection of Johnson Street and Stenton Avenue in the East Mount Airy neighborhood. The victims’ bodies were so badly burned that authorities could not immediately identify them.

A white sheet could be seen draped over the charred sedan, which sustained major rear-end damage. A few yards away was an SUV with extensive front-end damage. Police said the SUV driver was taken to a hospital.

The city’s intersection cameras captured the incident, and I can tell you 1. the driver was absolutely drunk, and 2. the driver was traveling well over 100 mph. The driver hit the victim’s car and it immediately exploded in a ten-foot fireball.

The driver was uninjured, and drove away from the scene. We have no idea how his car wasn’t mangled.