Russia Needs To Be Put Down

The host of Russia’s 60 Minutes program is claiming Russia will not stop at Ukraine, and the hostess said after they conquer Ukraine, they will invade Poland next. It’s likely this is just sabre rattling, but I believe Putin is capable of anything.

NATO member Poland could be the next target of a Russian invasion as the war in Ukraine drags on, according to pro-Kremlin Russian TV channel Russia-1.

Presenter Olga Skabeeva, host of the “60 Minutes” talk show and one of Russia’s most prominent state propagandists, was quoted by Daily Beast journalist Julia Davis as saying that Russia should smash Western countries after Ukraine, starting with its neighbor Poland.

Someone should inform Putin that this is not 1939, and Poland is not the road apple they believe they are. Poland hates Russia. They invaded Poland in 1939, they refused to help the Warsaw Uprising in 1944, and sat back while the Poles were slaughtered by the Nazis.

“Perhaps it’s time to acknowledge that maybe Russia’s special operation in Ukraine has come to an end, in a sense that a real war had started: World War III. We’re forced to conduct the demilitarization not only of Ukraine, but of the entire NATO alliance.”

Good luck with that sugar tits. If you think NATO is going to sit back and watch Russia invade another country, you’re dumber than you look.

Russian Cruiser Severely Damaged

The Russian cruiser Moskva was severely damaged after Ukrainian forces fired Neptune missiles at the warship while it patrolled the Black Sea.

It is beginning to look like Putin bit off more than he can chew.

The Russian Navy’s Black Sea flagship has suffered major damage and the crew has abandoned the ship, state media said late Tuesday in reports following Ukrainian claims of hitting the ship with a missile strike.

Ukrainian officials claimed that shore-based anti-ship guided missiles hit Moskva which had been operating from the Black Sea Fleet’s headquarters in Sevastopol.

Nice ship you got there; would be a shame if something “happened” to it.

“It has been confirmed that the missile cruiser Moskva today went exactly where it was sent by our border guards on Snake Island!” Odesa governor Maksym Marchenko said in a Telegram message on Tuesday. “Neptune missiles guarding the Black Sea caused very serious damage to the Russian ship.”

There’s a lot of propaganda coming out of the Ukraine war, but the fact the Odesa governor is confirming the attack likely means the story it true. It’s arguably a Feel-Good Saturday post.

Ground Control To Major Bomb

An American astronaut had found himself in a perilous situation miles above the Earth. Mark Vande Hei is supposed to return to Earth on a Russian spacecraft, but between the war with Ukraine and U.S. sanctions, Vande Hei may not have a ride home.

For the past 24 years, the U.S. and Russia have worked together to construct and maintain the International Space Station, where research has led to some of the most important discoveries of the 21st century.

Now, 227 miles below the unrivaled laboratory, Russia has waged a war in Ukraine that’s pitted the country against the U.S. and its allies — leaving the future of the ISS in question.

I mean, he could jump out of the ISS and float gently back to Earth, right? Right??

Astronaut Mark Vande Hei, who holds the ongoing record for longest space flight, is set to end his 355 days in space in just three weeks. The plan is for him to land in Kazakhstan with two Russian cosmonauts on a Russian spacecraft.

But unprecedented sanctions against Russia could put Vande Hei’s return on hold. After Russia invaded Ukraine nearly two weeks ago, President Joe Biden announced new sanctions, including cutting more than half of Russia’s high-tech imports.

One would hope NASA has a contingency plan, but my intuition is telling me they have no idea how they’re going to get this astronaut down to Earth.