Come With Me If You Want To Live

The soldiers in Ukraine have received a present from Temerland military solutions. It is, in effect, a mini rolling Terminator armed with a 7.62mm machine gun which is about to be entered into the war.

Mini “terminator” robots are being pitched into Ukraine’s bloody battles against Russian assault troops.

The armed war machines – fitted with a 7.62 assault machine gun and running on wheels- is already believed to be on the frontline.

I’m glad Ukraine is utilizing these weapons, but I’d like to see them in Philly. Scratch that, the leftist politicians would use them on conservatives.

Ukraine company Temerland has prototyped the metallic killer on wheels to be used on scouting missions against Moscow’s invasion forces.

It is understood the first version of the 110lb in weight and two foot long drone called a GNOM is controlled by troops who can be hidden hundreds of feet away.

Okay, two questions: first, can I purchase one for birthday parties, and second, does it come in black?

Heroes Come In All Shapes And Sizes

Before we begin, I do realize there is a lot of propaganda emanating from Russia and Ukraine during the war. Having said that, this story seems fairly legit. Meet Liza Chernichenko of Komyshuvakha, Ukraine. Liza spent her day driving four people to the local hospital, after they were shot by Russian forces. Liza was shot twice in the legs as she maneuvered though the town, but successfully made it to the hospital.

Oh, did I mention Liza is fifteen years old?

As 15-year-old Liza Chernichenko pressed on the gas pedal while frantically driving through the Donetsk region, she realized she had been shot in both legs, but with four others in the car, including two men bleeding profusely, she kept driving, even as Russian forces continued firing

“There was no fear, there was no shock,” said Chernichenko, who spoke to CBC from her hospital bed in Lviv. “There was just a determination to go forward.”

Liza was probably filled with fear, but the adrenaline likely took over.

Chernichenko, who had planned to hunker down with her godmother and try to wait out the relentless barrage near her community of Komyshuvakha, ended up fleeing after two men were injured in an attack and needed someone to drive them to the hospital.

Chernichenko told CBC that after she heard the shelling attack, she biked from her home to where two men lay injured with shrapnel wounds.

In the commotion that ensued, she decided the men needed to go to the hospital in Bakhmut, a community about an hour’s drive away. One of the injured men had a car that could get them there, but given the fierce fighting nearby, no one wanted to drive. So Chernichenko took the wheel.

I think I would be skeptical if it came from Ukrainian media, but the CBC, for the most part, are fairly balanced. If the story is true, Ukraine should create a statue of Liza in the town square.

Ukraine Trolls Russian Communications

There is a lot of propaganda coming out of Russia and Ukraine, but this story seems absolutely on the level. The Ukrainians have been intercepting Russian communications because the Soviets apparently do not have enough encrypted radios.

One of the many surprising failures of Russia’s aggression force in Ukraine was in radio communications. There are stories about troops using commercial walkie-talkies and Ukrainians intercepting their frequencies.

This may not be as serious as the lack of modern tanks or missiles, but it helps explain why Russian forces seem to be poorly linked, falling victim to ambushes and losing so many troops, reportedly including seven generals. What is happening to Russian radios?

I think the problem is Russia isn’t Russia anymore. It’s a corrupt state led by a dictator who is seemingly more concerned with graft than with the country’s defense. Here’s the best part…

There were reports of frequencies used by Russian forces being bombarded with heavy-metal music or other transmission from Ukrainian operators, sometimes during fighting.

Epic. If the Ukraine wants some suggestions, Julia is a heavy metal aficionado.

Caption Contest Winners

The Annie Get Your Gun Caption Contest is now over.

Top Five Entries:
5. Please don’t shoot me. I’m allergic to cardboard. – Todd
4. Despite the fact that their weapons were made by Ikea, they showed remarkable trigger discipline! – Mike AKA Proof
3. They were not thrilled with the NY-compliant “assault rifles”. – Veeshir
2. “…and remember, the red cardboard bullets are deadlier than the blue cardboard bullets.” – Dalek

WINNER! – So do we shout “Pew, pew, pew….” or “Badadadadada?” – Sully

Borders For Thee, But Not For Me

Leftist jackass Nancy Pelosi has announced the Democrats will give $10 billion – billion with a “b” – in humanitarian, military, and economic aid to protect Ukraine’s border.

Ten billion dollars to shore up Ukraine’s border, and not one penny to secure ours.

The government funding bill signed by President Joe Biden in February expires Friday, March 11, giving Congress just four days to come to an agreement on another appropriations package. Lawmakers have only agreed to a series of short-term resolutions since Biden took office, wrangling on various government programs, including federal COVID-19 vaccine mandates and an expansion of the Internal Revenue Service’s authority over privately-held bank accounts.

“The United States remains ironclad in our commitment to the Ukrainian people and in unity with our allies,” Pelosi said in a statement. “American troops will not go to war in Ukraine — but our nation can provide military equipment and support our allies who are supplying airplanes to Ukraine.”

This lying beyotch also claimed they will put forth a bill to stop purchasing Russian oil, but we all know that’s never going to happen. At least not with Dementia Joe in the White House.

Your Olympic Babe O’ The Day

Since we’ve gone through all the women’s events, and there are still two days left in the Olympics, I had to double up on events. Meet Oleksandra Nazarova, a 25-year old figure skater from Ukraine. Oleksandra and her skating partner finished twentieth in Ice Dancing, but did much better in the team event, where they finished tenth.

I wanted to post someone from Ukraine, considering the troubles they’re going through right now; plus, I think she looks like actress Michelle Trachtenberg.

There are more photos below the fold…

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Biden Lets Ukraine Out To Dry

President Biden* has decided to withhold $200 million worth of military equipment from Ukraine as Putin is threatening to “annex” portions of the country by force. What could possibly go wrong?

Democrat President Joe Biden is reportedly holding off on delivering military assistance to Ukraine as Russia prepares for what many experts believe is a likely invasion that could happen at any moment.

“The Biden administration prepared a $200 million package of additional military assistance for Ukraine in recent weeks but held off on delivering the aid despite appeals from Kyiv and some lawmakers,” NBC News reported. “The administration’s delay of the smaller shipment of weapons and military equipment was designed to give more time for diplomatic efforts to defuse tensions and to retain leverage in the case of a Russian attack on Ukraine.”

Remember, this is the same dullard whose drug addict son was receiving $80,000 a month from Ukraine’s Burisma Holdings. I guess once the money stopped coming to Hunter, the “president” decided to cut off funds to Ukraine.

A source claimed to the network that the administration was considering a larger package that would be approved “in the event of further incursion by Russia.” The package has been on Biden’s desk for roughly a month while Russia has amassed tens of thousands of troops near the Ukrainian border.

Russia is going to invade Ukraine, and it’ll likely happen before Christmas. The United States will do nothing, they you’ll see the dominoes fall. China will invade Taiwan, and every tin-pot dictator will think it’s okay to invade other countries, as well, because the illegitimate president will not interfere.

Your Olympic Babe O’ The Day

Meet Olga Kharlan.

Olga is a ridiculously talented fencer, and already has two Olympic bronze medals in fencing (2016, 2012).

Olha Hennadiyivna Kharlan (Ukrainian: born 4 September 1990) is a Ukrainian sabre fencer. She holds a bronze medal from both the 2016 Summer Olympics and the 2012 Summer Olympics and is a four-time World champion (2013, 2014, 2017 and 2019) and five-time European champion.

She was Olympic team champion in the 2008 Summer Olympics, twice World team champion (2009 and 2013) and twice European team champion. Kharlan was named athlete of the year at the 2009 Ukrainian Heroes of Sports Years awards. She briefly pursued a political career.

Imagine having this gorgeous woman being your representative. Good grief, I would be at her office every single day volunteering to fill her envelopes, if you know what I mean.

There are more photos below the fold…

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Another Jackass Heard From

There are few GOP establishment politicians I despise more than Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse. The man has done nothing in the Senate, mostly because he spends his time attacking President Trump at every turn. Such was the case yesterday, when Sasse chided actual Republicans for “circling the wagons” around the president.

Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse said Wednesday his fellow Republicans “ought not to be rushing to circle the wagons” around President Donald Trump over his pressuring of the Ukrainian president to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son.

Wow Benny, you’re so edgy. No wonder Mitt Romney likes cuddling with you during late night “filibusters.”

also knocked Democrats who demanded the president’s impeachment before they had viewed the whistleblower complaint at the heart of the Ukraine matter.

“Republicans ought not to be rushing to circle the wagons to say there’s no there there when there’s obviously lots that’s very troubling there,” he continued. “The administration ought not to be attacking the whistleblower as some talking points suggest they plan to do.”

Someone who can stand to be near Sasse for twelve seconds should ask him exactly what’s so “troubling” about a president calling another president. They should also ask Benny what’s troubling about a president inquiring about an obviously inappropriate, if not corrupt, business deal made solely for future access to an American vice-president.

What I find troubling is during all Sasse’s whining, he never mentioned the core issue of the matter: Hunter Biden’s board appointment and Joe Biden’s demand to fire the prosecutor investigating it.