Hot For Screecher

Meet Kristen O’Brien, a schoolteacher in, well, you already know the state. Kristen apparently had a crush on one of her underage students, and decided to pursue the matter, while being twice his age.

Kristen O’Brien, who quit her job last month at United Brethren Christ Academy in Holy Hill, was arrested Friday for having inappropriate sexual contact with a student, news station WFTV reported.

So Kristen is going from Holy Hill to Holy Hell.

The 31-year-old was confronted by the boy’s mother after she noticed concerning messages on his phone. O’Brien told the mom that she had an “inappropriate emotional relationship” with the student in which she had a “crush” on him.

She claimed that she had given the boy three options: They could pretend she never told him she had a crush; they could end communication with each other; or they could do whatever they wanted and not care about any repercussions.

Gee, I wonder which option would be preferable to a mega-horny teenage boy?

O’Brien said on one occasion, the boy touched her in a sexual manner while they were under a blanket on the couch at his home.

Okay guys, place your bets; was it the boobs or the va-jay-jay? I’m thinking the kid headed south for the winter, but that’s just me.

And before you ask, yes, yes, yes, like a screen door in a hurricane.