Keep Poking The Bear

A woman was waiting to enter a Utah plasma center, and since Utah is about 2,000 degrees in August, the woman dressed appropriately… or inappropriately, depending upon who you believe.

Rebecca Ortinez expected to wait in line outside a Utah County plasma center, so she wore an outfit for the heat. Once inside, the outfit quickly landed her back outside with a trespass order.

“[The manager] said, ‘I’m going to have to ask you to leave because your clothing is too disruptive, or too distracting to other patrons and my employees,’” Ortinez told 2News. “She kept commenting about my physical appearance; she mentioned my nipples multiple times, which was embarrassing for me.”

Heh, heh, she said “nipples.”

American Fork Police confirm they were called to the BioLife plasma center on Wednesday for a report of a disturbance. Police told Ortinez that the plasma center managers requested she be trespassed for life.

On the date of the occurrence, it was 95 degrees in Utah. Thanks to the Chinese Wuhan Virus, everyone has to wait outside, so Rebecca chose being comfortable over, say, being dead of heat stroke. Now, I’m not a medical professional, but I’m fairly confident these people have seen pokey nipples before.

If they go to water over a braless woman, how professional will they be when you need a plasma injection?

WWII German Graves Cause Uproar

This is a heavy topic for a Sunday morning, but after reading the story, I needed to comment on it’s rampant stupidity. Feel free to unsubscribe if you will, but I’m going to be honest here. A brouhaha has emerged after an “advocacy group” found three German POW gravesites in VA cemeteries. The headstones were adorned with a swastika inside the Iron Cross.

Three German soldiers’ gravestones etched with swastikas will remain in national cemeteries in Texas and Utah, the Department of Veterans Affairs said Wednesday, despite demands from an advocacy group to have them removed.

The irony of erasing history so it will never be repeated continues to astound me.

The soldier above, who died at the age of 19, received the Knight’s Cross, Germany’s highest military award during World War II. Now, maybe I’m mistaken, but not all German soldiers were Nazis, and not all German soldiers slaughtered Jews. I have no idea what these soldiers did or didn’t do, but lumping everyone in with Himmler seems to be a galactic leap.

The VA’s National Cemetery Administration released a statement Wednesday that it “will continue to preserve these headstones, like every past administration has.”

“All of the headstones date back to the 1940s, when the Army approved the inscriptions in question,” according to the statement.

Wow, that evil Republican president must have been a monster!

[T]he VA said in its statement that “the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 assigns stewardship responsibilities to federal agencies, including VA and the Army, to protect historic resources, including those that recognize divisive historical figures or events.” For that reason, the headstones will remain.

Rabbi Joel R. Schwartzman, a retired Air Force colonel and chaplain, said the concern is the headstones could become a rallying point for white supremacists.

With respect to the Rabbi, this wouldn’t be a problem if the media ignored the story. Also, with respect, the Rabbi decided to continue his rant by invoking Civil War monuments, so you know where his ideology lies.

My points here are simple. First, if you think all German soldiers were Nazi war criminals, have at it. I respectfully and completely disagree. Second, if a headstone emblazoned with a (small) swastika sends you over the edge, that’s okay. Personally, I try to have the actions coincide with the times. Americans weren’t so quick to clutch their pearls at seeing a swastika in the 40’s. Finally, if you think removing these headstones is a good idea, but removing Civil War references is an assault on history, you’re a hypocrite.

Of course, if you read through this and have come to the conclusion that “Wyatt loves Nazis,” you should probably read another blog.

Ash Canned

Meet William McLeod.

William is an elementary school student in Bountiful, Utah, and a proud Catholic. William received ashes for Ash Wednesday, and when he arrived at school, his teacher forced the boy to wash them off. Apparently, the woman doesn’t teach civics, since she obviously never heard of the Bill of Rights.

William McLeod, a fourth grader at Valley View Elementary School, received the ash marking – made in the shape of a cross and applied by a priest – for the Catholic religious day that signals the start of the Lenten season and then went to school in Bountiful. He told Fox 13 he was the only student who had ashes.

William’s teacher, who was not identified, later approached him and forced him to wash off the symbol. William reportedly attempted to explain why he wanted to keep the ash cross on his forehead, but he said his teacher wouldn’t listen.

“She took me aside, and she said, ‘You have to take it off,’” William said. “She gave me a disinfection wipe — whatever they are called — and she made me wipe it off.”

I’m growing weary of the Catholic/Christian discrimination rising in this country. The teacher has reportedly placed on leave, but if this were my child, I would demand her termination, and find a good lawyer. It’s the only way these public school will learn.

Utah Finally Joins The 20th Century

Good news everyone! Fornication is now legal in Utah! Looks like Mitt Romney will be “polling the electorate” this evening.

The Utah State Legislature is making sex outside of marriage legal.

In a bill cleaning up Utah’s criminal code, lawmakers repealed the misdemeanor crime of fornication. The House passed Senate Bill 43 on a 41-32 vote. It previously passed the Utah State Senate and now goes to Governor Gary Herbert for his signature or veto.

The legislature passed a bill removing adultery and sodomy among consenting adults as crimes in Utah. Rep. Paul Ray, R-Clearfield, said court rulings have found the laws are unenforceable and it was time to remove them from the books.

Break out the magic underwear, Mormons. It’s fornicatin’ time!

Subway, Eat Meth

Tanis Ukena UtahMeet Tanis Ukena, the All-American boy.

Tanis works at a Salt Lake City Subway restaurant, and he shows his appreciation toward police by giving them a little something extra… on the house.

A Utah sandwich shop employee has been arrested on accusations he put methamphetamine and THC into the drink of a uniformed police officer.

A probable cause statement filed Tuesday says the Layton police sergeant immediately felt impaired after getting the drink at a Subway restaurant Monday. He struggled to find the brake pedal of his patrol car at a red light and couldn’t answer questions at the police station.

Tanis Ukena was arrested on suspicion of giving a poisonous substance. He denied the allegations. Police don’t know why Ukena drugged the drink.

Gee, I think I can venture a guess. Maybe it has something to do with the hatred the Left is stirring up against police officers? Maybe it has something to do with the media pushing the “cops kill people for no reason” narrative? Maybe it has something to do with the President of the United States embracing thugs like Black Lives Matter and its bottom-feeders?

Incidents like this have become the norm rather than the exception, and most of the uniformed cops I know steer well clear of fast food restaurants.