Melancholy Labia

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I give you the most bizarre story you will ever read in your entire lifetime. This blog can now officially shut down. Wrap it up, pack it in, back up the truck. Humanity is officially finished.

From sexually transmitted infections to childbirth and unpleasant infections, surely your lady garden has enough to face? The idea of having a “depressed” va-jay-jay isn’t something you see on the small screen. It’s a real and very painful thing, known by its medical name vulvodynia, and it can affect women of all ages.

Well, goodnight everyone! Last one out turn off the lights.

It causes a burning sensation down there, a stinging pain despite there being no sign of infection or skin condition. The slightest touch, during sex or even when putting a tampon in, can cause a surge of pain. And, for the women who suffer this long-term condition, it can prove so painful sex is firmly off the cards.

Vulvodynia is also known by its generic name: marriage.

Look ladies, if you suffer from vagina depression, stop by the Earp Ranch, and I’ll prescribe a dose of Vitamin Wyatt. It’ll get you back on the horse, right quick!