Vancouver Is A Garbage City

I have a handful of friends who live in Canada. They are all terrific people who live in a stunted country.

One friend lives in Vancouver, and while he is a salt-of-the-Earth kind of guy, his city is absolutely garbage.

To wit…

Lifeguard patrols on Vancouver’s Third Beach are ending early on Tuesday nights after an incident during a weekly drum circle event raised safety concerns.

“Right now, we have numbers at this event that have grown to a point where we found it to be unsafe,” Vancouver Park Board general manager Donnie Rosa said.

Since the article didn’t lead with the lede, I’ll give you a heads up. A hippie drum circle refused to allow lifeguards get to an unconscious victim.

Rosa said 4,000 people were at Third Beach on July 12 for the drum circle when lifeguards trying to reach an unconscious person in the water “faced resistance” as they made their way through the crowd.

Rosa said paramedics also had trouble getting through the crowd.

If Vancouver had a competent police department, they would have rushed there, made way for the lifeguards, and arrested every one of these a-holes and have them sit in a cell for a week.

The Electric Company

A Vancouver man was driving his Tesla down the street when it immediately sent out a warning, started smoking, and burst into flames. Elon Musk may need those rockets to fly outta here.

A Tesla owner in Canada says he was driving his electric crossover when it alerted him of an error, powered down, started smoking, and suddenly caught fire. He also claims he had no choice but to break the window to escape from the burning vehicle.

While Tesla fires don’t happen often, they still happen. Some people suggest that the media shouldn’t put so much attention on electric car fires since gas cars burn every day. However, EVs are fairly new in the eyes of many, and people expect that an incident like this isn’t going to be overlooked.

Imagine how many Americans will die when F. Joe Biden demands everyone must drive an electric car.

That said, the Tesla Model Y owner was driving in Vancouver, Canada, when the car lost power and shut itself down. Not long after the power failure, smoke started flooding into the Tesla’s air vents. According to Teslarati, the driver, Jamil Jutha:

“The doors wouldn’t open. The windows wouldn’t go down. I kicked through the window, climbed out, and called 911 right away.”

Jutha’s Tesla is a 2021 Model Y SUV that he’s only owned for about eight months. After the power failure, the Model Y’s doors reportedly wouldn’t open. Fortunately, the driver was able to get out of the driver’s side window before the car became engulfed in flames.

So, the Tesla is effectively a $60,000 death trap. Good luck, suckers!